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Did the earth move for you?

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  • Did the earth move for you?

    RESIDENTS living in a street in Enfield Island Village have had their lives turned upside down after builders dug up their gardens without permission.

    Read this story at NFH in Britain.

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    Not far from me, Enfield Island Village...

    Not surprised they are having problems, firstly Fairview are very cheapo builders and secondly the whole 'village' is built next to canals of the lee valley and on land that was once industrial and very polluted. (it used to have several of those big round gas things, i dunno their proper name)

    i would not live there in a million years, even though they said the dug the foundations properly and decontaminated the site...

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      Thanks for the local info Annabel, very interesting.


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        Originally posted by Hazelnut@Nov 3 2003, 11:16 PM

        "Gasometers" Annabel.** (No rude comments from the rest of you!)
        What, rude comments here?! Never! :lol: