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    BBC2 earlier this evening. That dating thing.

    A girl descibed a frumpy with a capital F. Scared of her own shadow, no self confidence or self-esteem. All because she was terribly bullied at school.

    The experts did wonders with the girl in 6 weeks.

    It was quite, no very, moving to watch, especially when she tried to confront her demons outside the school.

    I wonder if any bullies, nfh bullies or other bullies, who may have been watching had a bad attack of conscience, seeing 1st hand how their actions can so badly affect the lives of their victims for years to come.
    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"

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    I also saw this John, and ,as you say, very moving I really felt for her, but missed the last bit, did it go well for her?



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      Yes, it went well for her. She met a bloke, they hit it off and were to meet again I think. She looked good and her confidence was amazing!

      All good stuff.
      "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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        Lets hope some bullies were watching it John, even if it makes one of them think twice eh.......

        Sadly missed this programme, wonder if it'll be repeated or via the extra SKY Channels?


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          I hope some bullies may understand their effect through watching something like this, but I doubt it! Perhaps some former ones might tho'. Maybe they can identify their behaviour and it's effects, and stop their kids doing the same?

          Glad she had a good outcome, she deserved it!



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            hi every one, i didn't see the programe unfortunatly but i do believe that "what does n't kill you make you stronger". Hope all bullies grow a conscience, most that i have meet though, haven't. They have n't got many (true) friends either (wonder why?!).


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              I also doubt that current bullies would have a twang of conscience. They do not have enough feelings for others or else they wouldn't be bullies would they?? Our eldest got quite caught up in it. She sees a bit going on at school, even at the supposedly innocent age of 10. She hates it and it made her cross that what she sees going on can make people so miserable.

              Matthew - apparently, this will probably be repeated on one of the pay BBC satellite channels (BBC Choice?). We only have freeview so don't really know what the others BBC channels are.
              "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                Its really good to hear about a young person who responds well

                to help in facing peers her own age or in her own age group.

                I would suspect it would be a different matter for helping someone

                targeted by a bully/stalker in their 50's from an age of 15 till when

                they are 20. The effects of this kind of targetting are much harder

                to deal with. Even I look at all all middle aged men in a totally different

                way now. You just never know what people are really like inside

                or how far they will go and some bullies do not change.

                Some explanations include that they are what they are because

                of what happened to them in their childhoods. I am sick of hearing this.

                Just because someone had a childhood that wasn't the best, doesn't

                give them the right to go around destroying other people's lives.