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Prison threat to bird feeder

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  • Prison threat to bird feeder

    A Nottingham couple face prison if they feed birds - after being served with the first injunction of its kind in the city.

    Read the story online at NFHiB.

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    Attracting flocks of 200 to 400 pigeons to their home in Sutton Passeys Crescent

    That's quite revolting 8-X and his poor neighbours have had to put up with it for 8 years!! I wonder if they'll just move their activities to somewhere else, as they seem to have a complete disregard to the authorities.


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      I agree with you Blue Cow, he is quite obviously obsessed, but I wonder where he is getting the money for all these sacks of grain????

      he most definitely will not stop, as he has an illness. you cannot carry on this kind of behaviour without having something wrong up top :blink:

      good job he doesnt live near trafalgar square or mayor ken would have had him clapped in irons a long time ago!!!!

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        Just seen a follow up and extra bit from another source about this:


        A COUPLE who attracted hundreds of pigeons to their house each day by scattering tons of bird food have been banned from feeding birds for five years.

        Neighbours of Don and Carol Booth could not open their windows or hang out washing, and their homes were covered in feathers and droppings.

        The pair used "industrial quantities'' of grain to attract more than 400 pigeons every day.

        And they ignored three separate abatement orders to stop encouraging the birds.

        Yesterday a judge granted the injunction, eight years after the first complaints.

        The Booths, of Wollaton, Nottinghamshire, told a neighbour that they preferred pigeons to people.

        A spokesman for Nottinghamshire City Council, who had applied for the injunction, said: "Evidence from neighbours described several hundred birds congregating, day in and day out, around a rooftop feeder at the Booths' property.

        "They shed feathers, created constant mess and smells, encouraged vermin and disturbed residents at all hours.

        "Many of the local residents are elderlyand have had constant problems with noise and infestations of rats in their properties.''

        At Nottingham County Court, Judge David Brunning said: "The effect of the couple's actions on other people were intolerable. Lives have been rendered miserable. It is wholly unacceptable.''

        Nottingham dity councillor Brian Grocock said: "This couple's actions are a world away from scattering a few crumbs for garden birds They emptied sackfuls of food three and four times a day.''

        The Booths have been banned from feeding pigeons anywhere in the Nottingham area until December 31, 2008.