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NFH must pay

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  • NFH must pay

    I've just seen a piece on the BBC local lunchtime news about a NFH being evicted. They took the cameras into the house to show the amount of damage done to it! Blackpool council have said it will cost thousands to put it right but they will pursue the NFH for payment.

    'About time too' is what I say. NFH ove the years have caused all sorts of damage to council homes and got away with it. Maybe if they were to realise they'll be chased for payment for repairs they might be a bit more careful. Mind you they'll probably only have to pay it back at £1 a week from their benefits!!

    Also Blackpool council want anybody suffering any kind of neighbour nuisance to get in contact as they say they are determined to stamp it out.

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    Good, I hope the authority recoup some/all the cost - people like this just seem to think they can mindlessly damage and vandalise a property and get scot free away with it and paying nothing towards putting their damage right.