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Granny, 95, 'knocked out neighbour...

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  • Granny, 95, 'knocked out neighbour...

    Found this on my travels:

    Granny, 95, 'knocked out neighbour with garden spade'

    A 95-year-old German grandmother is facing charges after allegedly knocking out her 77-year-old neighbour with a garden spade.

    The two women, from Rodewisch in Saxony, reportedly been arguing over a new fence the elder neighbour, named only as Martha N, had put up.

    Her neighbour, Anni D, said the wire fence was allowing rotting apple's from Martha's tree to fall through into her garden.

    Police say Martha told officers she'd had enough of the younger woman's nagging and had grabbed the spade, hitting her over the head.

    Anni needed treatment for cuts and bruises, and her neighbour is facing assault charges.


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    Good grief!! They're worse than kids :P

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      Glad she doesn't live near me, I don't think I would have stood a chance! :sport: :box: :smash:


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        i know i shouldnt laugh!

        the moral is, never underestimate a nonagenarian !!!!

        (now have i managed to spell that correctly??? )


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          Sorry to say I can't help smiling at this too. I know it's not really funny but I just have this mental image of two cartoon grannies slugging it out with garden implements. You could get an arms race, it may start with spades, but there could be strimmers, hovermowers and chainsaws in the shed, not to mention weed killer and slug bait. :nuke:


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            I have vivid dreams, involving my red tree pruning saw. Using it Jet Liu style, and watching the pretty colours run down my NFHs throat. It's so sharp you only have to touch it to get cut. I would be doing society a favour. After him poisoning my pet geese, I would feel no remorse. He is nothing but a yellow bXXXXXd.

            GOOSEGIRL. :rant: :rant: