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It's raining cats and dogs

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  • It's raining cats and dogs

    A SMALL army of RSPCA officers from all over the country was called to remove 244 dogs...

    Read the whole story at NFHiB.

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    oh my gawd, thats insane!!

    those poor neighbours and those poor dogs!!

    hope they can ban them from keeping animals for a while at least! :rant:


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      That is a lot of dogs and animals.

      I hope that they are safe and happy where they've gone to, and that the poor neighbours left behind can now get some peace.

      Absolutely Beth, based on the information in that article, the couple should be banned from keeping any pet in the future.



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        The question has to be were they just pets or were they breeding them to make a quick buck?.

        If they were pets, they clearly could not grasp the ability to say no to one more stray.

        I keep saying this but, pets are like children you love them and want more. But eventually your purse is empty, and you have to work. Care can quickly turn into neglect

        Sometimes it's kinder to say no.

        I personally would like to see restrictions on animal breeding ,when they is so many strays being killed by the RSPCA on behalf of other peoples neglect.



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          Originally posted by goosegirl@Sep 17 2003, 10:34 PM

          I personally would like to see restrictions on animal breeding ,when they is so many strays being killed by the RSPCA on behalf of other peoples neglect.

          here here GG

          I totally agree, whenever we have had pets they have been rescue cat is totoally doolally and hates men, and we think its because of cruelty but we didnt get a full history of her...bless her

          rescue centers are full of unwanted animals....and even after all the ads stupid people are still buying pets for christmas! :rant: :banghead:


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            the couple should be banned from keeping any pet in the future

            I couldn't agree more. I hope they get the book thrown at them. There's no excuse for making so many animals suffer in this way, not when there are so many animal charities in this country that do such fantastic jobs.

            (And what about those poor neighbours!)

            :angry: :angry: :rant: :rant:


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              Flippin' 'eck!!!! I once had six dogs and it was a full time job looking after them all. How could they possibly think they could look after that many animals? Because they obviously couldn't.

              I hope the RSPCA find homes for them all, they deserve some proper life, poor things.

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                Ditto, everyone!

                Having (along with other neighbours) got the RSPCA to investigate something similar, but on a smaller scale, I must admit(!), I can only agree that there is a limit to how good a home the ordinary purse can offer so many pets! The person cannot possibly afford to pay for the food bill for all those animals....never mind vets bills!

                The person I reported was on benefits, but the local PDSA would only register 4 pets for vet care. That person never took the others to the vets, and when the RSPCA removed approaching 30 pets, many of them were ill/ clearly neglected. :badmood:

                I hope the RSPCA finds these animals good homes, but they are overflowing, and sadly there are just not enough good homes out there.



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                  good grief, is all i can say.

                  i hope they manage to find these poor beasties nice homes and if l didnt live so far away i would definitely offer one a home,

                  its pure wickedness and there is no need for it. i hope they get banned for life

                  but i keep saying this, people who behave in such extreme ways have got to be suffering from some kind of illness. how could they , in their right minds, believe that what they were doing was ok?

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                    have just seen this again on newsround

                    now 200 of the dogs have been given the ok and have been micro chipped and are ready to find new homes

                    the RSPCA are asking for help with rehousing them......voleenteers anyone???


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                      Am out of the house too much to have a dog unfortunately.

                      Hope the all get loving homes - they deserve it.