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Pigeon fancier has lofty ambition dashed

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  • Pigeon fancier has lofty ambition dashed

    A PIGEON fancier claims he will have to kill his prized racing birds after becoming the first breeder to be hit by a council crackdown on illegal pigeon lofts in West Lothian.

    Read the story online at NFH in Britain.

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    Linda Brooks, from the Scottish Homing Union, said pigeons were often used as a tool in neighbour disputes. She said: "We feel there is a lot of prejudice against pigeon fanciers and, in general, fanciers are valuable members of their local communities.

    "It can take many, many years to build a team of winning birds, so it is really sad that some neighbours take it upon themselves to alter someone’s entire way of life."

    Maybe he should have come to NFHiB (?)


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      Maybe he should write to the Queen, she races pigeons. I'll bet the neighbours don't complain about hers :P

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        why would he have to kill his birds, cant he be bothered to find a suitable place to keep them?

        obviously he doesnt fancy then as much as he makes out, if he is prepared to exterminate them all.

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