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Feathers ruffled over Rupert's wake-up call

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  • Feathers ruffled over Rupert's wake-up call

    Rupert the rooster is facing the chop just months after Christmas the cockerel was saved.

    Read the story online at NFHiB.

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    Oh dear! Poor Rupert!

    I fear the worst! So what happens when a herd of cows are being herded and mooing in a morning, or a field of sheep baaing? Destroy the lot? I kind of see the neighbours'/owners' point, it IS the country, and these are country noises. Lived a few doors from a Rupert myself for a few years, and yes, he helped me wake up sometimes, but then so does the milkman early in the morning, and the trains that run by my house every hour, etc. I knew there was a trainline here when I moved here, and I suppose if you move to the country, you will live amongst some country noises!



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      Maybe if the owners kept him in a dark place overnight so that he doesn't see the light so early it might help. But I agree, if you move to the country you should expect country noises. I wonder if the complainants moved in after Rupert?

      Some people just like to cause trouble. Why can't they use ear-plugs?

      Long live Rupert!!!

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Well, I think there is going to be a battle on to save Rupert, and I'm by no means a member of the Countryside Aliance, or anything! Personally, I reckon he will be a national icon before long


        P.S. and wax earplugs are very effective!


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          Any updates on Rupert?