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Street 'is close to being no-go area'

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  • Street 'is close to being no-go area'

    GANGS of teenage thugs are turning a Finsbury street into a "no-go" area, according to residents.

    Read the whole story online at Neighbours From Hell in Britain.

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    Once again, a cul-de-sac!! I think all cul-de-sacs should be razed to the ground!!! Failing that they should set up camps and any thug who thinks it's funny to harass decent people should be locked up until they can learn to behave in a civilized manner! :angry:

    Sorry, just lost it for a second

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      Or Crescents Racers like them too And firing vehicles close to houses on them


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        Cul-De-Sacs are OK .. as long as there is only one house in it .. yours

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          Isn't that just the same as having a really long driveway??

          You could put a draw-bridge halfway down...


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            i think the leisure centre has something to do with attracting the yobbos around. this is right in the middle of a very busy area of london near several tube stations and near clerkenwell road and old street. i think the cops need to get in there hard and fast before it turns into a ghetto area.,

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