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Noise complaints frustrate biofuels man

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  • Noise complaints frustrate biofuels man

    A businessman pioneering a biofuel revolution claims he is being "victimised" by an anonymous person making "unfounded" complaints about noise.

    Read the whole story online at NFHiB.

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    It'd be interesting to hear the views of the person complaining. :huh:


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      i agree this is a strange story and we havent got that much by way of facts really.

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        Curiously enough I do know of a possibly similar case. A businessman was stopped from carrying out his business by a whole series of complaints. The council backed the complaints and were vindicated -or so they thought!- when the businessman was up on very serious assault charges.

        BUT!! It turned out that every one of the complaints were totally bogus. It was found out that a NFH who suffered from a Compulsive Disorder of some kind had taken against the businessman for no reason anyone ever established and that this neighbour had convinced another neighbour (who was described as impressionable) to lie to the police about the businessman and pretend that he had assaulted him!

        The result was that the neighbour got himself and his gullible friend into a whole heap of trouble and the council was roundly castigated for not spotting what was really going on.

        It sounds like fiction, but it really happened.