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    Hi all,

    Yesterday I had an e-mail from Claire Hu, a feature writer on ITV's teletext:

    "I'm a feature writer at Teletext (ITV) and I'd like to do a story on the new advice website on nuisance neighbours"

    I telephoned and spoke to Claire yesterday morning for about 20 minutes and gave her lots of detail about this forum and our website sections and problems surrounding NFH (legislation not effective/too slow, etc) inviting her to come and view the forum so she could research other NFH stories of forum members in the 'NFH: What's Your Story' section.

    So, keep your TV Remotes at the ready and see if you can spot any story features on teletext as Claire will also be linking our site from there too!

    Teletext also have a website version at: so hopefully it may appear there too!

    Thanks for getting in contact Claire


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    I read on our local Teletext that my LA have now appointed a ASB officer and they hope that he will be able to help sort out all problems regarding NFH quickly!

    After 4 years hope i am top of his list!!

    What do you think will he visit me or as it has been on going he will not sort it out, Knowing my luck he will probably only take on cases that are new .


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      We had an ASB Unit start up about three years ago. My MP got in touch with them, at that time, on my behalf but it was only last month when I finally got to meet someone and that was only because I virtually shamed the HA into a meeting after my letter was published in the Daily Mail.

      Keep on pestering them Tracy because if you don't they'll think your problem has disappeared.

      Good luck

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi