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  • Uk's Worst

    Did anyone see UK's worst last night on BBC 1?

    I felt really sorry for the old couple who had moved into their house 41 years ago, when the North Circular was a two lane it's six lanes, a danger to health and very very noisy :sad:

    Then there was the East London homes damaged by the Channel could these people possibly be expected to live in a property in that state :badmood:

    Just goes to show that you can never tell what you are moving into or what the future may hold :angry:


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    Yikes, absolutely Tri! Middle of the country one day, middle of the motorway the next eh?

    I missed that programme, they are usually a pretty good series though aren't they


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      Just for those who didn't see it!

      Well the old couple really is already explained.

      The East London houses looked lovely from the front, and by all means were lovely at the back too.

      One day there was an enormous cracking sound at the back of the row of houses, and one family went to look to see what was happening. They saw their back garden disappearing into a hole the width of the gardens and as deep as a two storey house. It seems that the big tunnelling machine was in the vicinity and the ground above it couldn't take the pressure.

      The houses are all cracked and it seems that they are splitting in two...the backs are becoming separated from the front. One family have moved out, as they no longer feel safe there!!

      So far there has been no compensation as this is still being discussed.

      The Director of the Chaneel Tunnel Co was not available to take the award and nobody would take it on his behalf.

      Fancy having to face something like must've been the most frightening experience watching that hole appear.



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        Good grief! I've heard of sunken gardens (?) but that's awful!


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          OMG!!!!!!!! Imagine if it had been the houses that fell into the hole instead of the gardens? It doesn't bear thinking about!

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            I watched it Tri

            Shocking programme.

            I agree though that the award should have gone to the family in Hackney. What a shock that must have been to find a 25 foot gaping hole in your garden and your home falling apart.


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              talk about the falling value of property!!