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Good Neighbour Inquest Appeal

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  • Good Neighbour Inquest Appeal

    A coroner has appealed to people to be good neighbours after the discovery of the body of a 77-year-old widow who had been dead for three weeks.

    Read the full story from here at NFHiB!

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    thats sad :sad:

    I hope when my time comes ......hopefully a long way away!.....that my neighbours notice I am not around :sad:


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      I agree it's really sad We had a next door neighbour, saw her all the time and she had family visiting all the time. One day, her daughter knocked on our door and begged my husband to come round. The old lady had apparently suffered a stroke and her family found her in her bedroom. Sadly she died at the hospital a couple of hours later.

      The awful thing was, I was at home that day and she must have been lying there and I didn't know it. Imagine if she hadn't had family visiting? It's really sad when people are so isolated that nobody really notices when they aren't seen for a while RIP, little old lady

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        I remember a few years ago a case near me. A man had been suffering depression after lots of stressful incidents, he had caused some minor problems in the locality (I think) - people complained in the streets/ to each other about him, but no-one alerted Social Services.

        Anyway, he overdosed. His body lay in his home for weeks before anyone noticed.

        Very, very sad. :sad: