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'Neighbour From Hell' Keeps Home

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  • 'Neighbour From Hell' Keeps Home

    A West Hendon 'neighbour from hell who was evicted by a judge has been allowed to keep her flat, provided she does not again become a nuisance to residents.

    Read the whole story online at Neighbours From Hell in Britain.

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    Maybe the shock of almost losing her home will cause her to modify her behaviour. Good luck to her if it does.

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      intresting to see that her clients thought she was from heaven

      it goes to show that NFH can put a mask up when ever they want.

      this is how they get other people on their side too, like jackyll and hyde


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        I didn't think a Judge would grant possession when this story was posted originally .

        I agree, if she has had a fright and changes her behaviour all well and good.

        If she doesn't, then lets wait to see what happens next.


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          Yes Holly, it would have been just a bit too radical, too groundbreaking, too amazing if the original possession order had stood.

          Nevertheless she surely must realise how close she came to losing everything and perhaps she will now keep herself to herself and concentrate on caring for her clients instead of terrorising her neighbours.

          I have my doubts as I sincerely believe that the more extreme NFH have behavioural problems that simply evicting them will not cure.

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