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Dogs Maul Football Boy

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  • Dogs Maul Football Boy

    A seven-year-old boy has narrowly escaped death after being mauled by dogs. Frankie Knowlden had climbed into a neighbour's garden to retrieve a football when he was attacked by two American Bull Terriers.

    Read the story here.

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    two American Bull Terriers.

    I don't know if they're the same as pit bull terriers, but I don't think I like the sound of them

    I'm afraid I have to agree with you HE. I feel really sorry for the child, but why didn't his parents teach him that he should not go into other peoples back gardens, no matter what the reason, without asking for permission first? Maybe if parents where held responsible for teaching their kids right from wrong this sort of thing wouldn't happen.

    Slightly off topic, but an eight year old boy was electrocuted on a railway line on Saturday. It happened at 8.30pm. What I want to know is why weren't his parents watching him? Why was allowed to wander? The old excuse that 'kids will be kids' or 'kids have to have some freedom' just doesn't wash. My heartfelt sympathy goes out his parents but how can his mother say 'I cared for him', if she didn't know where he was?

    Too many parents are too quick to blame other people and overlook their own inadequacies. If the father sues the dog owner, I hope the dog owner countersues.

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      I also agree, I think it's wrong for the father to be pressing to have the neighbours pets destroyed under these circumstances... the owner seems to have been taking all the steps necessary to ensure he could enjoy his pets and other people would be safe and yet the kid threw a spanner in the works by climbing over the fence. I mean they are next-door-neighbours - would it have been so hard for the kid to walk around to the front door and simply tell the people his ball was in their garden!

      I hope the kid's okay and I really hope the father comes to his senses.


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        totally agree with you all.

        no way should the dogs be put down.

        i bet that lad wont dare to go over the wall again!! and he shouldnt have gone in the first place, whether there were dogs there or not.

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          I saw the boy and his dad on GMTV yesterday morning.

          Apparently the kid went to the neighbours and knocked on the door to ask if he could get his ball back, but there was no-one at home. He then went into the garden to retrieve his ball.

          The boy shouldn't have been playing in a way thet meant his ball would go into the neighbours garden, full stop.

          No sympathy.


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            I was listening to a radio phone-in last night and some people raised interesting points.

            The dogs and Tony Martin were both protecting their own property, so why is Tony Martin prosecuted and the dogs' owner not? Perhaps Mr.Martin would have been wiser to let his dogs have a go at the intruders!

            Another said, if the dogs had cornered a burglar, would people be up in arms about that? As far as the dogs were concerned they found an intruder in their space and just acted naturally.

            I chased some kids out of my backgarden a few weeks ago, I reported it to the HA. As far as the HA is concerned, I was told, those children entered my home as my garden is classed as part of my home. Luckily, my dog is a daft old thing and he was indoors at the time. But parents have a duty to impress upon their kids that other peoples property is out of bounds!

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