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Police Call On Leslie

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  • Police Call On Leslie

    Police were called to the home of former TV presenter John Leslie after neighbours said they overheard a furious row between him and his girlfriend, according to reports.

    Read the story at NFHiB!

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    That man is not what he seems.

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      Originally posted by Annabel@Aug 20 2003, 9:39 AM

      That man is not what he seems.
      Indeed probably not. I never particularly liked him, but it makes you look at people a bit differently, even after they claimed it was only 'allegations' - who knows eh?!


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        Originally posted by HadEnough@Aug 20 2003, 3:57 PM

        Had this been ordinary people the story would never have gone to print.
        Agreed there HE.

        Any other person who the media isn't interested in wouldn't have got into print for just that! :lol:


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          I read about this in today's paper. It was suggested that the girlfriend had been out on the town, sounds like a jealousy reared it's ugly head.

          Also it was insinuated that the girlfriend had ulterior motives for being with him.

          As HE says, it wouldn't have got into print if it had been plain old Joe and Flo Public.

          I don't understand the media sometimes, they print these stories and then say, 'well it's what the public want'. I say 'C**P!! No we don't!!"

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