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Eviction Threat Looms - Disabled 'noisy Neighbour

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  • Eviction Threat Looms - Disabled 'noisy Neighbour

    A DISABLED man with an incurable illness faces eviction from his flat and an uncertain future after complaints from neighbours about loud music and parties.

    Read the whole story here at NFH in Britain.

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    If he does get a summons for possession and good representation, I would imagine that the defence will include reference to a recent (similar) case.

    The disabled anti-social tenant argued that to grant possession would contravene the Disability Discrimination Act. I think that case is waiting to go to the Court of Appeal.



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      I'm going to sound harsh now but I don't think this man's disability gives him the right to inflict noise and nuisance on his neighbours. He has had plenty of warnings from the sound of it but has chosen to disregard most of them.

      Yes, I am sympathetic to his condition and some allowances should be made but not at the expense of the emotional health of his neighbours. Hasn't he heard of earphones? How can the noisy visitors call themselves friends if they know that their noise is one of the reasons for an eviction notice?

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        well said Misty!

        being disabled does not give you a get out of jail free card!

        some people use it as an excuse, I have heard my service users say before I am disabled so you cant do anything to me, I cant help it.....if the rules are broken they are broken, laws and rules are there for a reason

        does being disabled mean that suddenly you dont know the difference between right and wrong?

        and its ok to do what you want.

        as with any group of people there are exceptions, many people I know who have disablities are great people, others I know thing the world owes them a favour because of what they have had to suffer.

        he says that he is screaming outside as an outlet for his frustrations

        so why hasnt his specialist refered him to pyschology? with a condition like that he will have regular contact with GP and specialist, who are able to refer him on

        and I would like to know how hving friends over partying all night is letting your frustrations out???

        IMHO he is making excuses for his dreadful behaviour and has now realised he will lose his any other non disabled person he is worried


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          In a previous job, I had a disabled customer. he was in a wheechair as a result of a car crash.

          his physical nature might have changed but his personality hadnt! he used to come into see me in his leather gear, with his booze stashed on the back of his wheelchair and he was a hell raiser pure and simple!!! hats off to him he was living his life to the max... and he had loads of girlfriends. :lol:

          i thought he was great!!!! B)

          i hope it isnt him causing all the racket and nuisance!!!

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            Disability can really screw a person over. I feel sorry for him :sad: but more sorry for his neighbours. :cry: I mean, like, is it their fault he is disabled? No....