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'Neighbour From Hell' Is Staying

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  • 'Neighbour From Hell' Is Staying

    A 'NEIGHBOUR from hell' has won her battle to stay in the home where she helped a drug user take a fatal overdose last year.

    Read the whole story online at NFH in Britain.

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    If NFH has truly changed her ways then a second chance might help. It's possible that the death of the other person has affected her in some way and made her change her ways.

    However, pardon me for being skeptical. :P

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      the defendant should be given a last chance

      I have to say that the District Judges I work with are very aware of neighbour-related problems and really do consider all the facts.

      Of course the neighbours who have suffered will be disappointed, rightly so, but if this person starts causing a nuisance again then Signpost Housing can start proceedings for a Bailiffs Warrant to be executed. The DJ said "last chance", and that remark will be on file. It's unlikely that the Warrant would be suspended if the behaviour continues in any way.

      On the other hand, perhaps this person has changed - in which case the nuisance has ceased.


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        ahem, how come this person isnt in prison????????????

        its one step forward one giant step backwards for the poor neighbourhood.

        one last chance??? what, to aid and abbet the death of some other hapless druggie.

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