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'Neighbour From Hell' To Fight Eviction Order

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  • 'Neighbour From Hell' To Fight Eviction Order

    West Hendon 'neighbour from hell' Mona Fofana has defied a court order for her to leave her flat after she was found to have attacked her neighbours.

    A judge at Barnet County Court took the unusual step of granting a possession order against Ms Fofana, who bought her flat in Tyrell Way in 2000...

    See the story at NFH in Britain.

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    NFH in Britain needs to watch this case carefully, seeing as she is appealling to see what the evental outcome is. If she is repossessed it will set a precedent, and gives hope for thers to also get their troublesome neighbours evicted.

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      Yes, agreed Annabel, it's very unusual and very interesting!

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        A very interesting case. She has only herself to blame. I wonder if she would have been so free with her fists and feet if she'd realised what might have happened?

        I wonder, if the order is upheld, who will get possession of the flat? Must keep an eye open for further developments

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          I shall watch and learn with interest.


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            Oooo I will be watching with much interest

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              I wish people wouldnt hit people, and why did she do it? no mention of that in the article.

              it confuses me, I was brought up not to act in nfh ways, and I cant understand why other people were not brought up that way

              we live in such an aggressive society now days and it saddens me :sad:


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                I know what you mean Beth, where I live even young girls give you evil looks and if you look at them for too long, they swear, curse and threaten to knock you block off

                I was out shopping this morning and accidently bumped into a young girl, it was a sheer accident I did appologise, but she just kept shouting & swearing insults at me while I was walking down the road