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  • BBC/NEWS/England

    Hi all,

    Take a trip to BBCi Website for this story.

    What a precedent THAT would set!!!

    Also .....a direct link to NFH.........on one of the worlds most widely accessed and respected websites.

    Things are moving.

    Yrs. Flo


    PS..Sorry-never could spell nieghbours-or do hyperlinks.Perhaps somebody could put one in for me?

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    FANTASTIC! Thankyou BBC!

    Just the PR we want for our cause!

    Come and join us guests - more influence and success in numbers!



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      OH MY GOD! Well done Matthew!

      Goddard Avenue is in one of the nicest parts of the town and is one of the most sought-after roads to live in, with big old houses with garages and trees all the way down the road. I lived literally in the next road till a few months ago! (Renting of course with those houses costing £250,000!)


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        CONGRATS to Matthew and Beth!! Getting a link to this site on a NFH news story is the best!!

        Has it had much impact here yet??

        Even if there is a rip in your teddy bear, his love will never fall out.


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          The site has nine new members since we were linked!!!!

          Could be via the BBC link or maybe not!!



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            Originally posted by Indie@Nov 26 2002, 03:08 AM

            CONGRATS to Matthew and Beth!! *Getting a link to this site on a NFH news story is the best!!

            Has it had much impact here yet??

            Thanks Indie and Helen for the encouragement........although I cannot take credit for it, it's a team effort so to speak It's fantastic PR, I've been peaking at out site logs, and we've had an average of 600 different visitors/people over the last few days, an increase from approx. 300 people a day (since the site's inception).

            We're cooking with gas now!

            I'll post some of the site logs up if anyone's interested, if I can get them into a more 'user-friendly' format, etc. (Someone else has already requested this too I know ).