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Bid To Cut Bad Tenants' Benefits Is Slammed

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  • Bid To Cut Bad Tenants' Benefits Is Slammed

    PLANS to punish neighbours from hell by cutting their benefits were slammed today by Glasgow council bosses.

    Read the whole news article online at the News Section.

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    "If the benefit is being paid to the landlord the tenant should be evicted immediately if the benefit stops."

    Erm, it doesn't quite work like that.

    This whole idea is worrying as it will cause a lot of problems, there's lots of different tenures out there with different procedures. A lot of work will need to be done before they even think about starting it.


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      Something HAS to be done. They could build areas where problem families could be housed. Hopefully nobody will have their benefits stopped, but if they are going to persist in their antisocial behaviour then it is their own fault if they lose benefits.

      I'm sorry, but I'm sick of being bullied, hounded and harassed by yobs whose parents don't give a damn about what they do and who they hurt. Our estate is probably not one of the worse, but I've see council estates where old people and the disabled cannot go out for fear of these bullies. Places where people have to replace window after window because of vandals and who are burgled time after time by drug addicted thugs.

      Sometimes I wonder just who are the vulnerable ones! And no I don't feel sorry for landlords either; how many times have we heard from people who are suffering and cannot get NFH landlords to do something, anything?

      Perhaps it won't take many cases for the the others to buck their ideas up. Whatever happens, NFH have the answer to their 'problems' in their own hands. If they lose their benefit it will be because they chose to lose it. I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for them.

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        hells bells, once again out trot the liberal bleeding hearts with the same old twaddle 'it will affect the most poor , vulnerable, children etc'.

        I would invite these councillors to live next door to some of these low life trash for a week or two?!! i bet they will then rush to sign up to the frank field school of thought on how to deal with NFH!!!!

        i think it is time to send another email!!!!

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