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"Lady Pilkington"

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  • "Lady Pilkington"

    Did any one see the news regarding lady pilkington?

    she was a NFH who has now been banned from going within 5 miles of her home!!!

    the story is on BBC news web site!!

    Will be back later with my thoughts as I am off to work!!

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    Hi all,

    the Lady Pilkington story is now on our "web site" (sounds good eh?!!!)

    You wil find it under the tittle of bulling on the news section. Please find time to read it as it proves that sometimes the NFH do not win and justice can be done!!



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      well Lady P is back in the news this week

      she didnt like doing her community service in a charity shop as she had to touch other peoples old clothes and she didnt like wearing her overalls when she was asked to pick up litter

      well for her strong views (ha!) she is now serving 42 days in nic!

      oh dear!!!!

      check out the main website for the story! here is the news!


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        I do wonder if she has got some kind of mental condition, she just doesnt seem to be able to control herself and seems hell bent on a course for self destruction.

        What a weird lady. i wonder if being in prison will have any impact on her whatsoever... :sad:

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          Originally posted by Hazelnut@Feb 27 2004, 1:44 AM

          seems just like EOC ............ except for the sex in the spa bitÂ* :unsure:
          But you can't be 100% sure about that HN :blink: 8-X