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  • House Trapped

    House Trapped

    Buying a house is an investment that can sometimes go wrong. Badly. In this new three-part series, actor-turned-property developer Simon O'Brien and estate agent Fiona Timms meet the people who bought badly or were just plain unlucky, and try to help others avoid making the same mistakes.

    During this series, they're also going to be showing the house that's sandwiched in the M62.

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    isnt that the farmer who refused to sell?

    you have to see that house to believe it!!

    it will be intresting to watch


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      Ooh, Simon O'Brien's come a long way since Brookside. My daughter used to work for him in a cafe cum cycling shop he owned in Liverpool. I won't say it was a pleasant experience for her :P

      I think I've seen that house on tv in another prog. Fancy being surrounded by all those exhaust fume, yuk!

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