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    Just found about this.

    Decent Homes Standard

    Q. Why isn't insulation from domestic noise nuisance included in the standard?

    A. A property fails to meet the reasonably modern facilities criterion if it lacks three or more of a list of six facilities, one of which is 'adequate noise insulation'. The guidance on implementing the standard concentrates on insulation from external airborne noise, such as traffic or factory noise. It has this focus because it can be difficult to assess the extent to which domestic noise nuisance is caused by problems with the building itself (either because of its construction or inadequate internal insulation) or by unreasonable activity or behaviour of neighbours or by acute noise sensitivity by the occupant of the home affected. Noise nuisance could therefore vary in relation to factors which may frequently change, namely the tenants. Because of this, we did not feel that noise nuisance could (or should) be remedied in all cases through improved internal insulation. This made it difficult to incorporate into a standard achieved solely through carrying out work to the dwellings.

    However the decent homes guidance recognises that the decent homes definition does not cover everything that a landlord or tenants may want to do to improve particular dwellings. It makes it clear that works outside the standard should be carried out if these are necessary to deal with particular problems. Where landlords and tenants identify noise problems connected to the structure or insulation of the property, we would expect them to devise appropriate solutions as part of their investment strategy.

    What's everyone's thoughts?

    Do you think this would include soundproofing against normal domestic noise?


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    Hi Peter

    Interesting...I wonder if they will expect all other avenues to be explored first...e.g. landlord enforcing tenancy obligations/taking action, EHO's being involved/noise abatement orders? I think there may be something worth having a go at there tho'. I'd like to see an independent housing aid centre/ specialist housing solicitor have a crack at it.



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      mmmm .. seems like a bit of a cop out to me...

      i know in converting residential buildings now there is a minimum level of aucoustic insulation that must be done between floors??

      so why not a similar level between walls??? a minimum level of decibels (say 60) or something ???

      i know social landlords are adamant in their opposition to this becoming statute (especially restrospectively applied to existing housing stocks) because of the cost implications..

      when my EHO came to visit my last property they were appalled at the level at noise transference but were unable to insist the problems were remedied due to a recent change in the law (before that they had the power to fine my landlord)...........

      in my own experience older properties seem to offer the best levels of noise insulation , and modern 'timberframed' buildings just act as a conduit to noise, especially if there just breezeblock and plasterboard between the units........

      but even the best insulation is no protection against a bl**dy minded NFH........

      sometimes it is all about lifestyle , sometimes its dodgy building..

      ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hang the lot of 'em