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Woman's Torment By Neighbour

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  • Woman's Torment By Neighbour

    The torment of a mother subjected to a three-year campaign of harassment by her next door neighbour was outlined to a court.

    Read the whole story online at NFH in Britain.

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    Oh, boo hoo hoo, once again the perpetrator tries to become the victim!

    Sorry, but I've absolutely no sympathy for this man at all, especially as this story is reflected in stories on this forum. Too many excuses are made for these antisocial misfits! His rights will be well protected unlike his victim's. :angry:

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Indeed! Well said Misty!



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        :banghead: Even Prison sounds too good for this man. Surely there is some depressing bleak old Mental Hospital where the NFH`s can be sent. They can all go and rot together, on their own, away from normal people! Cocodile tears never work. Peace :angel:


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          "All I ask is my right to live peacefully," Gail Ward told police. She had turned her house at Holbeam Close in Newton Abbot into a fortress after threats from Robert Strudwick, prosecutor Mike Ashby told South Devon magistrates at Newton Abbot.

          Maybe we should start a new topic about how to make a house into a

          fortress. I have spent heaps doing the same but still wish I could do more.

          It is hard to create a fortress without making it look like one. Creating a

          fortress home is an art form in itself. It is like making a nice prison to

          keep the good people safe in it and the nasty people out. This world

          is becoming more and more peculiar when people have to live like this.

          Melanie the fortress builder