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Man Threatens To Eat Neighbour

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  • Man Threatens To Eat Neighbour

    Saw this news via Australia....which is ummmmm.......different!

    A Taupo man who threatened to kill and eat one of his neighbours has been ordered to undergo anger management counselling.

    Abe Craig Maniapoto, 37, unemployed, of no fixed abode, appeared for sentencing in the Taupo District Court.

    He had earlier been found guilty at a defended hearing of threatening to kill, discharging a firearm in a public place and wilful damage.

    Judge James Weir sentenced Maniapoto to 200 hours community work and nine months' supervision. He was also ordered to pay $NZ3000 ($A2,660) reparation, undergo assessment and counselling and complete an anger management course.

    Police said on September 30 last year Maniapoto confronted five residents in "an intimidating manner" and yelled out to one that he was going to kill and eat her.

    He drove erratically up and down the street yelling obscenities, attacked a car parked on the street and fired several shots into the air.

    He was arrested after the Armed Offenders' Squad arrived.

    Maniapoto's lawyer Anya Gartner, told the court Manaipoto's offending had occurred against a background of accelerating troubles, including the breakup of his 20-year relationship.

    He left his business because of his inability to cope.

    She noted Maniapoto had been in custody since March 25, the equivalent of an eight-month prison sentence and that he had found being inside "hard going".


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    I'm sure my NFH is a noxious weed being both poisonous and inedible.

    The news above looks like it discusses a Maori or islander

    neighbourhood problem. You only have to look at the

    All Blacks rugby team to know how warlike the culture

    of the Maori is! If I was the neighbour, I would definitely

    be worried!

    Melanie :nfh1:


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      Originally posted by april@Jul 24 2003, 1:20 AM

      Oh Lord, Mel,

      You never said people eat each other over there
      Heinz Ketchup anyone? :lol: :blink:


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        Originally posted by Matthew@Jul 24 2003, 9:48 AM

        Heinz Ketchup anyone?* * :lol:* :blink:
        8-X 8-X 8-X



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          Hi Mathew and all,

          If one has to discuss the topic,

          the only palatable answer might be curries

          to hide the taste of the "meat" .

          Ketchup wouldn't be good enough. :hihi:



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            [email protected]! :P

            Yikes, images of dodgy takeaways and curry contents suddenly spring to mind! :lol:


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              A NFH with with some fava beans and a nice chianti sounds pretty good to me. f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f...


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                :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: