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    I have posted before about the problems I have with my nightmare neighbour here. I know bought a CCTV system, which was not top of the range, but I did not want to spend too much money because my husband is not convinced.

    It was easy enough to set up at the moment it sits in a window in the living room. This is obviously not optimal because the picture is not as clear, I cannot use the audio recording functionality and the night vision does not work. However even though it says DIY installation I think i will have to pay somebody to put it up correctly as there are lots of cables.

    Does anybody know much to budget for putting up those cameras? It is basically a bit of a drilling and cabling job. I think the least invasive way is to go through the roof. My husband is afraid of heights and it would take me ages to do.

    Also at the moment the DVR recorder is sitting in the living room. Obviously it is continously recording but I find that the fan is really loud. Is that normal for CCTV?

    Thanks very much for your advise in advance.

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    With a bit of research it's not too difficult to DIY, especially if you can route cables in the loft. I'm not good with heights but did manage to do this. The hardest part was making all the fine adjustments to the cameras to make sure the views are just right.

    I imagine if you used a professional security company you would pay a lot of money but maybe it's something that a local company that installs aerials/satellite dishes might also be up to the job and a lot cheaper. The advantage of using a professional company is that they might be able to install the cameras covertly so your neighbour does not know they are there.

    The DVR does tend to make a bit of noise. Some of this might be vibration so putting something between the feet of the DVR and whatever it's standing on might reduce the noise a bit.

    It's always worth researching the legalities of CCTV such as permitted development rights (how close the cameras can be to each other etc) and maybe also the Information Commissioner's website.
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      Happy new year Bombata and all reading this thread. If you can film what you need to, your current set up may be just fine, but there are advantages to having better clarity of picture and audio recording. What kind of activity are you hoping it will capture?