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Protecting your car from thieves & vandals (& using an in-car recording camera)

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  • Protecting your car from thieves & vandals (& using an in-car recording camera)

    At NFHiB we often learn how many forum members are plagued day-in and day-out with the menace of targeted car vandalism, car thieves and deliberate damage to their vehicles.

    Not only is this costly, it's also very stressful in attempting to maintain a year round vigil on your car or vehicle to try and stop thieves and vandals from carrying out their illicit activities.

    You shouldn't have to watch your property like a hawk, but sadly many individuals who are dealing with Neighbours From Hell in their area or local thieves/criminals become victim to car crime, vandalism and malicious damage through no fault of their own.

    There are many ways in which you can take action to try and protect your car and property, so hopefully some or all of these considerations may help:

    • Always ensure you close and lock the car's windows and doors. It can be tempting to leave these open, just to dash into a local shop or similar. Don't! Thieves only take seconds to steal your stuff!

    • If you're parking at home remember to use a garage if you’re lucky enough to have one. Once parked up still lock your doors and windows in case thieves or vandals break into the garage. Garaged cars are more difficult to vandalise or scratch/dent, etc.

    • If you have no garage, always leave your vehicle in a well lighted area or space if you can. Fit a light to driveway areas if possible. Vandals and thieves don't like to be seen!

    • If parking in a car park, try to do so in one that has car parking attendants. Some car parks participate within the Police approved 'Park Mark Scheme' - check the car park for their sign.

    • Move temptation out of sight. Hide bags, coats or even empty plastic bags, they are all inviting targets to thieves. Don't leave expensive items or gadgets in the car - e.g. mobile phones, sat navs and other such gizmos, take them with you, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

    • Remove or cover expensive in-car audio equipment and stereos/radios. Many of these are most appealing to the thief and are quick prizes.

    • Many of us often keep valuable items and other property in the car's glove box area. Although these can be most convenient at the best of times, don't do this if possible. It's the first place a thief will look, so leaving an empty glove box open with nothing inside could show the would-be thief there's nothing on offer in this vehicle!

    • If your car has wing mirrors that move, always tuck these in to the car as far as they go. It only takes a moment and could save you a costly replacement if a vandal smashes or damages one. Push the aerials down too or remove these, vandals like to snap them off!

    • If your car is stolen, ensure you don't leave the vehicle documents in it. This makes it easier to sell the car on, don’t inadvertently help them.

    • Consider using a ‘Thatcham’ approved immobiliser, steering lock or other locking device if your car is older and doesn't have one fitted as standard in the factory. Although some of these can be removed by a skilled thief, it might slow them down long enough to be apprehended in the act.

    • It doesn't cost much to get all your car windows etched out with the vehicle's registration and engine no, etc. It's costly for a thief to try and change the car's registration if all windows then need to be replaced! Try and have all the vehicle's equipment etched with registration information too - e.g. car audio equipment, sat-nav, etc.

    • Many of us keep keys and car keys near the front or back doors/entrances of our properties. This makes it easier for a burglar to steal your keys and then nick your car, don't help them out!

    • If you don't have a car or vehicle alarm think about getting one fitted - this can help dissuade thieves and vandals from taking or damaging your car or trying to steal valuable items from inside.

    • Ensure expensive wheels, especially alloys are locked on securely using the car's locking wheel nuts. If you've ever come back to a vehicle left on bricks you'll know how expensive and distressing this can be!

    • If you can afford it, try fitting nearby CCTV to help protect your car and if this is a practical solution.

    • Join the local neighbourhood watch if you have one in your area or even consider starting your own group.

    In-car recording using a digital motion detection camera

    Even following all or some of the steps above might not be enough to deter the menace that car vandals and thieves can bring to our doorstep. So, if you have a particularly vindictive and re-offending car vandal, perhaps in the shape of a local neighbour, you might consider fitting an in-car anti-vandal car kit.

    The kits typically comprise of cameras (1 or more), digital recording and motion detection amongst other features/capabilities. The evidence recorded can be crucial in helping to obtain a conviction against your Neighbour From Hell.

    We would like to recommend a fantastic product provided by Fly On The Wall which is 1 of 3 similar products currently available from this fantastic provider. Priced in the middle bracket at £299.99 it might feel a little pricey, but consider this an investment in deterring and catching car vandals and thieves in your local neighbourhood.

    The 2 Channel Car DVR with Low Light CCD Cameras has motion detection and 2 channel in-car colour recording.


    It has high resolution capabilities and impressively works within almost pitch black conditions whilst not emitting any distracting LED display lights (that can cause unnecessary reflections or alert the vandal or thief). Position the camera inside any vehicle to catch and record illegal activities or even place it within a nearby window in your house or property.

    Simple to install and then run from a 12 volt power supply, it can easily be slotted into a convenient cigarette lighter socket and won't need any other power supplies in place.

    Featuring a recorded date and time stamp for evidence, expandable memory (up to 2GB), motion detection, video input and output, adaptor to use with the mains supply, on-board DVR storage of 128MB, AVI/JPEG format, this piece of kit is well worth every penny.

    The 2 different cameras can be used in either darkened or lighter conditions and the Sony camera will provide TV line quality images to help you evidence and prove any nuisance neighbour to the authorities.

    The equipment all comes with a standard 12 month guarantee, all from a highly trustworthy source at Fly On The Wall. Making it just that little bit easier to monitor car vandalism and capture the evidence you need to help prosecute further.

    Buy Now: 2 Channel Car DVR with Low Light CCD Cameras - at £299.99.

    Other Alternatives from Fly On The Wall:

    - 12V HD Car DVR with Low Light CCD Camera - Motion Sensor (1 Camera) - £224.99

    - 2 Channel HD Car DVR with Low Light CCD Cameras - Motion Sensor and increased 32GB storage capability - £324.99

    Increase storage capacity by purchasing SD & Micro SD Memory Cards.

    Do you have any tips or experience in helping to effectively deal with and manage car vandals or thieves? Please post below and share your thoughts!

    Perhaps you even have bought this in-car recording equipment and would like to post a review? We'd love to read it!

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    If you have neighbour issues this video shows how important CCTV is: