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  • We Need Your Help!

    hello all!!

    you may already know that on the main site we run mini polls

    well.....we would like some ideas for the next few please!

    we have done polls on councils, retaliation and worst problems.

    So what next?

    do you have anything you would like to get others views on??

    please let us know.

    either post here or give us a quick PM!!

    remember for your own surveys....stick it down here, making polls is quick and easy, and it can be fun getting your results!!

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    We've found out of interest that the polls that have more emotive subjects get better responses


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      One question/piece of advice that crops up a lot is what to do about neighbour nuisance, where we say there are three options:

      Stay and put up with it

      Stay and follow the correct legal avenues


      I don't know what you think about that one?

      The other issue which has been quite active of late is what you seek in an "ideal home" - I suppose you could change it to what main thing would you change about your current home, i.e. better soundproofing, driveway, not by a children's playing area, high fencing/hedging to ensure privacy etc.

      Just a couple of suggestions.


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        I would like to put forward a poll. We all suffer from nfh and most of us feel that the law has failed us.

        I would like to suggest a poll on what people think is the appropriate response to other people’s actions.

        I feel that an appropriate response to my own nfh is kick the living daylights out of him but the law stops me doing this.

        We read in the newspapers or see on the television about dreadful acts that are committed by people against other people. We are all contained with the law but I would like to put forward a poll that puts the law to one side and lets anybody say what they feel is, in their opinion, the right response to other people actions.

        It is a can of worms, I know, but what is the right response to murderers, sex offenders, vandals etc .Across the entire spectrum right down to litterbugs.

        Other people do things that wind us up; the law rightly so stops us from reacting but given the freedom how would we react to other people’s actions.Crimes are committed and I have heard myself saying "This guy should be strung up...".

        Opinions only, but what is the correct reaction to other people’s actions?

        Given the option it would be interesting to hear how other members feel that they personally would deal with anybody that "winds them up".



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          thanks Kev and Holly

          Kev have you voted in the poll running now?

          its on the first page of

          if not...why not?!!!lol

          will work out some questions and answers from those suggestions


          please keep them coming


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            Good idea Holly - thanks

            Any more anyone? Get your ideas in now and get yourself in (poll) print!

            Kevin - interesting thoughts That sounds like the poll we have running on the NFH front page at the mo too Your law/legislation one is a good idea too