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How Old Is Your NFH

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  • How Old Is Your NFH

    I have often wondered if Neighbours From Hell are born or do they develop over a set period of time into a certain pattern.

    Does that set pattern also indicate that at a certain age, they actually get to their very worst point e.g like a kettle ready to get to boiling point ?

    I think it might be an idea - if you are willing and able, to the nearest decade or so, to give us all an idea of how old your particular NFH is.

    It would be useful to know if as they get older do they become worse with age - or do they actually mellow ?

    So I shall leave it all up to you.

    Madhatter is about 48 ish years old

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    Technically I don't have an NFH. I'm just targetted by the local yobbery ranging in ages from 8 to about 20. Although there are three families and a single man in the close who cause problems for all, they're all into drugs and I'd say one couple is late 30's early 40's and the single bloke is late 20's. The other two families are headed by single, drug taking mother's and their endless boyfriends, ages late twenties to early 30's. Is that a help?

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