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    I have a supportive GP but from reading posts it seems like others haven't seen their GP's.

    I just thought it would be interesting to see what people's views are.

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    Interesting Poll, thanks Holly

    When we had NFH couple no. 2 last year, they increased the severity, length and effects of my Migraines. I would normally envisage getting migraines only on average 2-3 times a year, not very often at all. They were more frequent when I was younger, but I can now stop most of them in their tracks (with medication) as I recognise the signs of onset. These are a hereditary problem.

    So, between about September 2001 - February 2002 I was suffering many painful migraines (all having lots of different side effects) and smaller 'cluster' type migraines on a daily level, ultimately linked to the stress and hassle of it all.

    My GP is very good, I like his sense of humour and dry wit, and he prescribed Beta Blockers to help manage the condition - these pretty much worked. But thinking about it, not once did he mention counselling (I don't think I'd have wanted it to be honest anyway but that's my personal preference) or any other form of alternative treatment, etc (e.g acupuncture, meditation and so on).

    Different GP's are all so different in their approach - there doesn't seem to be any consistency or common approach sometimes. Sometimes it's what medication works best and is the most 'popular' (for whatever reason) on the market, and sometimes certain GP's are reluctant to prescribe due to the cost of certain medications and personal preferences (e.g. they prefer a non-medication managed situation/solution).


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      Dear Holly,

      Yes;I agree with Matthew here.This is a crucial area of experience for most ,if not all sufferers from the scourge of anti-social or intimidatory behaviour and I have long been meaning to post another thread to explore it with those who feel they are able to share their experiences and perhaps give some support to those who are suffering.

      I was diagnosed with 'generalised anxiety disorder';a condition brought into the open by an nfh experience some time ago and it has since haunted most of my daily life and the way I try to deal with it.

      I too had (have) a surprisingly empathatic GP but he was limited in what he could do..I did however recieve a certain amount of counselling and medication and was encouraged to explore various alternative avenues of help with interesting if mixed results.

      I would be happy to post more on this once my loins are girded...not quite sure where the best forum for it might be though Matthew?


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        as you all know about my chrismas from hell, my gp did offer me happy pills but i was so ill that i accepted them, it was a situation that it has been building up over the years and more recently ,specially since the birth of my children, (another sore subject with NFH, jelaousy), whats the world coming to? its ridiculous that our NFH are getting away with no only making our daily lives hell but our health.

        I would deport them all to an island so they can all ******************, and live next to each other.



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          I agree with all of you and flo, yes i think it would be good to look at further flo.

          I am now feeling better prepared in myself. It helps not waking up with banging headaches, severe earache, chest pains and feeling at breaking point. Mild medication has brought me more clarity and has allowed me to sleep. I know it's not for everyone, but it has worked for me.


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            When I was on pills a few years ago, I was issued with Selective Serotonin type drugs that worked wonders in helping me reducing the mental stress of my problems. I actually had physical effects of mild depression where I could feel my skin crawling on my back and shoulders - very scary. My doctor was very supportive with this and with offering counseling.

            Yep, it certainly worked for me too.

            Related Link...

            ~ Peter J.


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              Interesting replies

              Just wondering (I haven't taken this) if anyone has had any experience in using the alternative St. John's Wort to successfully tackle depression?


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                Definitely April.........nasty thing stress and stress-related conditions (e.g depression/anxiety, etc) - it creeps up on you, often without you spotting it.

                Because as human beings we adjust to the stress, and balance it accordingly, we don't often see it until it's pointed directly out to us or way after the stress has been extinguished (e.g. looking back at a situation you were in say, 6 months ago).

                Are we particularly bad in the UK at recognising our own stress levels I wonder? Is it a "grin and bear it" scenario for us brits - "keeping a stiff upper lip" and all that?

                Maybe it's a mixture of all things?


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                  Yeah, definitely, people sometimes see admitting stress as a weakness, like they shouldn't have it or be experiencing it, etc.

                  Very interesting points, thanks April

                  Are we all late owls tonight?!


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                    I can be pretty nocturnal though I have to admit (just ask Beth!), anyway I go off topic (sorry Holly, this topic is going all over the place and back again!).......

                    Night April!


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                      It was being retired medically from my career early (in '98) that did it for me initially. The NFH probs added to my stress/depression but I was already on pills by then so coped with it better that I would normally have. However I have still ended up shaking, in tears and downright angry!! How on earth would I have been if I hadn't!

                      Anway, I am on low dosage Seroxat, and find them very good. I wanted to come off them after 2 yrs and try St John's Wort and I had read do much about it. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

                      Coming off Seroxat, mild dose or otherwise is not easy, and I still have not managed it!! The side effects are nasty, no matter which way I try. I have joined the Seroxat Group (altho not a participating member) that is complaining about Seroxat and its side effects. But one day I will manage to get 'clean' (hehehehe) and will def try St Johns Wort.....

                      Even if there is a rip in your teddy bear, his love will never fall out.


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                        Good Luck with the Seroxat Indie, I'm willing to bet you'll manage it one day..................all good things come sooner or later

                        Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUU-UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, Happy-appy-haaaapy-HAPPY Birthday to you!!

                        And maaaaaaaany moooooore!


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                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INDIE

                          I tried St.John's Wort for a few months, I can't say I noticed any difference. Although it is a natural remedy you should be aware of some side effects, e.g., it can cause skin problems if you're out in the sun a lot. I think if you suffer from asthma it can affect you as well. Best look it up on the net and check it out yourself.

                          Of course, come 2005 all our vitamins and natural remedies will be subject to EU controls. The drug companies don't like us spurning some of their toxic products in favour of something they (at the moment) have no control over.

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                            Hi Holly, Hi gang,

                            Cant put a vote on your poll because we've never actually had to approach our GP with regard to our NFH problem and the associated stress/ issues that it brings.

                            However please do not take that as being a sign that we are not affected by their antics, we perhaps take strength in each other when the going gets tough!

                            It is the constant "noise intrusion" that wears us down!! Always the noise!!! The music , the door slamming, the shouting, it is always there we cannot get away from it!!!

                            The door slamming has started next door (must be bed time for the brat) again!! Soon the TV will go up!! You can almost set your watch by them.

                            Oh for a night of peace and quiet!!

                            "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                            apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

                            Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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                              Yes, horsefans....peace and is so nice when you get it isn't it (i.e when the nfh's are out/ or you are)? My nfh is still behaving (I can't get over it really!)

                              The meds my GP prescribed have a mild sedative effect so really help me to sleep. (I suppose this could mean that my nfh is playing music at 3am but I'm that zonked i don't wake up?!) You just have to be careful with the old as it doubles the effect!

                              Peterj: i have had the creepy crawly sensation on my back, neck and shoulders and it is not very nice. Three suggestions i have for you:

                              Amitriptyline - prescription medication (helps muscular skeletal problems, is also an anti-depressant and has a mild sedative effect )

                              Arnica tablets - homeopathic remedy good for bruising

                              Chiropractor - i have seen a McTimoney chiropractor and the creepy crawlies did stop for a time

                              When I am very tense, the creepy crawlies always return.