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Take the law into your own hands.

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  • Take the law into your own hands.

    I have been thinking about this all day as i am still wound up about my car and the cost of all damages over the last 4 years.
    Have thought about it once.
    Have thought about it more then once.
    Only when i've had a drink.
    I'm not one for causing trouble.

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    I think about it every day. How I havent is an utter miracle.

    Interesting results so far... 100%

    I honestly wish I had in the very beginning as all this wouldnt have happened.I could kick myself to be honest.

    You live and learn - the hard way.

    The nice guy always comes last!



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      I suppose it's not that people would "want to" take this kind of action and I remember you saying, Angela, in an old post, that NFH make you into something you're not - and I agree, sometimes this can happen. So, in some cases after years of getting nowhere and years of expense, bureacracy and suffering, who can blame people for taking the law into their own hands?

      Yep, it may be illegal in a lot of cases, but you can understand it. Ironically and so unfairly it also seems to work very effectively and quickly! If the legal system to deal with NFH was like that, then people wouldn't even have to consider taking their 'own action'!


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        This is exactly the sort of thing I envisage our 'organisation' doing and including in future, with the proper funding/grants, etc:

        - Helping people with legal costs

        - Advocating on people's behalf in their NFH cases, being a 'voice' next to them and empowering people to fight back against useless legislation and ineffective government policies/laws

        - Helping provide people in financial need with specialist legal help/assistance

        - Help provide a 'holiday quiet home' (this may sound daft, but I have often thought of a specialist NFH In Britain 'holiday' cottage in the middle of nowhere where people in the most need can escape their troubles for a week or two, they wouldn't have to pay, just a contribution to upkeep/maintenance of the place)

        - As well as providing telephone support, info (leaflets) and publications.

        - All in conjunction with our internet presence, and hopefully our physically based UK presence in the future!

        This is all realistic if we get funding - which we are looking into currently......


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          That sounds great Matthew.

          How ever i am already panicking about my holiday next year already as i will have to leave my house on its own for 8 days!

          Will it still be there when i get back?



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            Some great ideas there Matthew!

            Only snag with the holiday home is that many people would not be able to afford to travel there or maybe for other reasons ( health or whatever)couldnt go there for time out. I also feel it could cause a number of problems too in one way or another. However it is a nice thought nonetheless.

            I think that LAs should provide a refuge system for families at the cost of the LA it would make sure that the families are still in contact with the LAs or Police or whoever but are away from the problem. Run similarly to the Womens Refuge system if you know what I mean.

            Also the refuge type houses could take people from another area if needs be - a sort of refuge swop system e.g. a family from one area swopping refuges with another family?

            Also I dont see why the LAs shouldnt pay for B&B costs for families to get away from the problem whilst it is being sorted out.

            Just a thought - but I really do feel that LAs should foot the bill myself.

            If this was made mandatory then the LAs would make darned sure that NFH problems were prevented and also dealt with promptly.

            So it would resolve a great many NFH problems wouldnt it?



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              Matthew, some of the things you talked about in this strand I've thought about too (cliche alert); If I win the lottery (Jeez, what I would do if I won the lottery to get revenge!!)

              This is such a worthwhile cause, I really do hope you get funding. There shouldn't be a need for an independant body such as yourselves (fab though it is), as the law should protect us (excuse me while I have a laughing fit) from these idiots

              It seems to me that most people with NFH problems are isolated in their misery for many reasons. Personally I don't like talking about it to friends, in fact I almost lead a double life, as I hate coming across as the victim and it hurts my partner to see me hurt, plus discussing it over and over just makes it worse, so for me, this forum is a lifeline, as I say again - unless you've been through it, you just don't know. If you've been through it, you truly understand the horror and misery of it all.

              To the outside world I have to remain in control and in command of what I do, also, for a job that was offered me last year (which is a goodie) and should come about this Spring/Summer, it would look very bad indeed if I had "issues" with locals - even if they are the ones in the wrong annoying me. So legal action or no - I can't do anything!!! Except move of course. The thought of moving, the cost, the upheaval - we keep putting it off, but we just have to bite that bullet and go.


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                found this April....

                Apart from the Isle of Man and Scotland in most cases you will NOT need planning permission. We do however recommend that IN ALL CASES you check with your local planning office. The major reasons for needing planning permission are:

                *If the conservatory is erected on the front of the property no part of the conservatory should project further forward than the existing wall of the house facing onto the highway

                * If any part of the conservatory comes within 2 meters of your property boundary and is more than 4 meters above ground

                *You live near a conservation area

                *Your house has already been significantly extended and by adding this conservatory the total added area exceeds 30sq meters

                * Your house is a listed building

                Scotland only:

                It is suggested that customers check with their local authority, whether it is required that the cills can be fixed to the brickwork by means of galvanised tie bars in lieu of fixings supplied.


                I know this is advertising but it is where I found the information!!

                hope it helps


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                  I suppose the honest answer is - quite frequently and on a daily basis.

                  I have not the courage nor the bottle though to carry it out and as I have said before, having worked in a prison the whole idea of loosing my liberty bothers to me to such an extent I generally put the idea out of my mind - and quickly.

                  So I resort to praying that something will happen to Madhatter - like he will get abducted by aliens visting our planet and they take him off for experiments - that sort of thing.

                  A bit silly really but it stops yourself from completely loosing the plot altogether and helps bring a smile to your face.


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                    Originally posted by Scooby@Mar 9 2003, 6:17 PM

                    So I resort to praying that something will happen to Madhatter - like he will get abducted by aliens visting our planet and they take him off for experiments - that sort of thing.
                    Where are the Horsefans and their nuking when you need them?!!!


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                      So I resort to praying that something will happen to Madhatter - like he will get abducted by aliens visting our planet and they take him off for experiments - that sort of thing[/b]

                      Maybe that's what made him mad in the first place Did you ever see the South Park episode about the aliens? Well, I think that would make anybody mad, hee hee hee.

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                        Ive thought of everything to get these ppl back, even thought out ninja style midnight attacks but i wouldnt want to do time for these ppl.