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Live Chat: Regular Meetings

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  • Live Chat: Regular Meetings

    Please vote in the Live Chat Poll: When do you want to see 'formal' chat get-together meetings in the Online Chat?


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    daily chat around 8pm in case any one is in crisis and needs support


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      Originally posted by E.Beth@Nov 30 2002, 03:09 PM

      daily chat around 8pm *in case any one is in crisis and needs support
      So, you mean, 7 days a week Beth Nice idea, but we would then need a chat 'Rota' wouldn't we? Sounds good!

      Thoughts: if someone is 'rotered' for a particular day to be in the chat and they can't make it, do you think they would need to arrange 'cover' for themselves? Also, I suppose there is a possibility of someone being in the chat waiting on a particular day and no one else shows up, so what would we say, wait an hour and then leave if no one comes into chat?



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        we had four people in chat at once tonight!!

        and we had a bit of fun trying to work it out, luckily Matthew was around to help out!!

        it was really nice to talk to each other in (almost) real time rather than private messaging people and leaving postings for them.

        we are going to try and get together again at 8 pm Monday 2nd and Tusday the 3rd December in chat.

        we would love to see as many of you that can get there!

        don't forget you can access chat through the main site.