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  • Hello Friends!

    Hello Everyone!

    I am so delighted to have found this wonderful website - I thought I was (almost) alone in having problems with NFH! I was at my wits end the other night and was 'surfing the web' to see if anyone else was suffering what I am going through. I am amazed at how serious this whole problem of NFH is - we usually only see the tip of the iceberg when high-profile stories hit the press or tv, but the real underlying problem seems to be far worse than what anyone first thought.

    I will make a point of reading through as many of the postings as I can before I 'indulge' with my particular problems, as I don't really wish to repeat something which may have already been answered previously.

    Sorry for wittering on - for the first time in years I actually feel as though there are people out there who will understand what I am going through! I was really beginning to despair - indeed, at times I was questioning my own judgement of my situation. However, after glancing through some of the posts, I now realise I AM NOT ALONE! For the first time in ages, I have actually lifted my head and smiled! And I know some of you will know what I mean by that!!!

    All the Best


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    A warm welcome to you Babylon! I'm glad you found us, thanks heavens for links and search engines eh!

    Take your time, pull up a comfy chair, read what you like and post when you like, there's no pressure at all and like you say, we all truly understand what you're living with!

    Speak to you soon


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      Hi Babylon!


      please feel free to wander around and browse!

      and dont worry if your story is similar to others, just to type it out helps to get it off your chest!

      we are very good listeners and will try to give honest advice and I guarentee loads of support

      so please tell us your story when you are ready!



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        Hi Babylon and welcome

        Yes, unfortunately NFH are all over the place As Beth said, don't worry if your story is similar to others, we're still here to listen and hopefully give you some advice, sympathy and support

        Look forward to hearing more from you when you're ready

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Welcome babylon - nice to have you with us, but sad you're also suffering with neighbours from hell (NFH).

          You really have come to the best place . We are a very warm and friendly bunch who've all experienced NFH in various forms. Don't worry if your story is even slightly similar to another member's, you are an individual here and your story is as valid and important as anyone elses.

          Welcome again and look forward to hearing more from you


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            I felt exactly the same Babylon, years of thinking I'm neurotic or hyper sensitive to noise, then come across this website (exactly the same way, tapping in 'neighbour problems' or something similar) and find that I'm not alone and other people suffer mostly in silence as there is a distinct lack of help out there for the emotional distress having NFH causes.

            I've said this many times but I truly believe it - unless someone has had really bad neighbours, they will never understand what we go through.


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              Originally posted by spinkysay@Jul 3 2003, 3:03 PM

              I've said this many times but I truly believe it - unless someone has had really bad neighbours, they will never understand what we go through.
              Amen to that Spinky!