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  • Hi There

    Hi all,

    Just a short intro to say Hello!!!

    I am 38, married to Ann (who doesn't like computers so I am on my own for the time being ) with twins, a boy and a girl, aged 8. Living in our present home on the outskirts of Belfast for 81/2 years now. Have been perusing your excellent forum for the last couple of days and have gained much comfort from the fact that there are others out there who can understand what its like to endure NFH problems, offer advice and - most importantly I think - provide words of support, especially at times when we feel ready to throw in the towel and run away. I just hope I will be able to do the same and help in any way I can, although I should warn you that compared to most of the stories I have read on this forum our problems pale into insignificance. Neither am I terribly familiar with any of the relevant legislation (yet!!!).

    Anyhow, will post our (short) story in the appropriate place later on today all being well. Thanks again all for such a great resource. Hope to speak soon,


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    welcome Michael and Ann (&the twins!!)

    great to meet you here although Iwish it could of been in better circumstances!

    please feel free to post your story in "whats your story" when ever you are ready!

    All problems here are problems and the size of the problem is irrelevant, we dont measure them.....if it is a problem for you then its a problem for us!!

    I know you will get loads of support and advice here.

    look forward to talking with you



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      Hi Michael, and welcome

      As Beth says, if you think you have a problem, then you do have a problem and any problem is big to the person who has it.

      Look forward to reading your story, just sad you have to post it

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hi Michael

        Welcome to this helpful and comforting NFH group. What a coincidence, my name is Anne and my husband is Michael - so you have something in common with someone right away!

        Keep us posted on how things are with you and NFH.




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          Hi Michael (and family) and welcome to the Forum

          Glad to have you with us. We are all suffering from NFH and don't measure things on scales, whatever the effect of their behaviour on you is obviously causing you to need some support/ advice.

          Members of NFH are there to post their stories. We all benefit at times from getting support and giving it. You will hopefully have noticed that we are a friendly bunch!

          Welcome again!


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            A warm welcome to you and your family Michael! Glad you found us here and I know you'll get the support and info you need. There are lots and lots of different 'NFH' problems on the board, so the chances that one or more of us having first hand knowledge is always very strong.

            Best Regards