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G'day from Australia

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  • G'day from Australia

    Hi folks,

    I recently found this site via google. Wont share my awful nfh memories just yet. For now, just wanted to say hello and thanks for a much needed site on something that has been driving me crazy since I can remember. I was inspired to start an Australian NFH site. Have collected a few horror stories from down under:

    Also have a Noise Sensitive web page with ideas to help me stay sane (or at least distracted):


    Brisbane, Australia.

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    Here's that Noise Sensitive link again (that works this time):



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      Good day to you!

      Great to meet our most distant member!!

      Just had a quick glance at your site and will look again later.

      to let you know April 30th is international noise awareness day! we are trying to contact as many media people about it as possible to raise awarness of noise....maybe your site could do the same?

      hope to read your story soon!


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        Welcome Steven

        Great to have internationally-based members!

        Funny you should mention your websites, I was only looking at them a few weeks back

        It's good to have international links too - we have had contact with a USA based NFH site too.

        Look forward to reading your posts


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          Hi Steven

          Thanks for the link on the noise sensitive site. I have just had a quick skim through and it looks like there is a lot of really useful information there that I could make really good use of.



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            Really good site Steven, will be exploring it further.


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              Hi Steven and welcome to the site

              Had a quick look at your site and will peruse it later when I have more time. Seems NFH not only come in all shapes and sizes but nationalities as well

              Hope to hear more of your story soon

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                You see w are branching out far and wide and there was me thinking wishfully that a move down under with the wide open spaces and beautiful beaches and all that wonderful soul enhancing sunshine would be just the tonic.

                NFH are everywhere.

                Welcome Steven and I hope that you find our site beneficial and that is of assistance to you and your fellow country people.


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                  Thanks to everyone for all the welcomes,

                  Beth - I think there are others in Australia (NoiseTAS) who are aware of the noise awareness day and have more energy than I do to promote it.

                  Scoo - I'm stuck in low-income areas, so that's the perspective of Aus you're getting from me. There's still plenty of sunshine tho, and beaches, and space (if you have money). I moved to Queensland and the warmth has lowered my stress levels - anything that helps...