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  • Hi to everyone

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for responding to my rant (boy was I angry that day!) and explanation of what happened/is happening to me on the 'What's your story' forum. I started to reply individually yesterday, but using quotes and emoticons I got in what can only be described as - a ****** mess!!!!! My techy skills obviously need honing. So I hope no one minds me replying this way.

    It really does help to hear from people who know what you're going through, which is why a lot of EHO's are so ineffectual - they have no idea of the effect NFH have on every aspect of your life, so to them, they think it's just an annoyance. Let them live through some of the problems on this board and I'm sure their responses would be completely different.

    Annoying and painful as my particular problems are, just recently, in the evenings I've been thankful for the peace and quite we have (in the house) compared to people on this board, it's a case of 'not realising what you've got'. However daytimes and enjoying our garden can be completely different...

    Last weekend we had shooting on three sides (albeit two fields away) a motorcross rally (this is new and worrying...) and a light aircraft flying over the house (back and to). So much for the peace and quiet of the countryside. The helicopters have decreased by about 70% since the RAF police got involved but still I get the cheeky ones who in their way are saying **** you.

    To hell with the lot of them, our house will go on the market very soon.

    I particularly liked the idea of stink bombs against the shooting idiots. In the last house when they were just a few feet away I would definitely have done that. Great idea, thanks for that!!!!!! On the other side of the fence I make noise too - music loud, dogs that bark - but no one hears it because no one is near enough - That sounds like a horror film; "No one hears you when you scream"!!!!!!! Which sadly it seems is what's happening to people on these forums in their dealings with officials who should be helping them...


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    Hi Spinky!

    just looked again at your last!!!!

    it is fine to come and vent a little or a lot here! we do understand how it feels and as time goes on and we hear different stories we can understand a little more and start relating to all circumstances.

    one nfh is basically another nfh, no matter the sory, we all know that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs, wether it is caused by noise or arguements, rubbish or whatever.

    the conflict and unsafe feeling.

    I am glad you have found a bit of support here, you are always welcome whatever time of day, whatever day.

    there is normally some one around to listen.

    you must come and join a chat session (sundays 8pm) we talk about all sorts, not just NFh, in fact it is rare we mention them at all,

    it does everyone good not to talk about them for a while!

    keep well and sane!


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      >>which is why a lot of EHO's are so ineffectual - they have no idea of the effect NFH have on every aspect of your life, so to them, they think it's just an annoyance. Let them live through some of the problems on this board and I'm sure their responses would be completely different.


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        Wow!! Tannasg, that was some rant and I agree with everything you wrote.

        Civility nowadays seems to be viewed by a large proportion of the population as a deadly disease that they don't wish to catch. I'm sure there was never a 'Golden Age', but there were certainly ages better than this one.

        I'd rant on but I'd only be going over ground you've already covered and you do it so much better than I can.

        How much worse can it get? A lot worse I'd say. We can only do our own little bit to improve things. Good luck

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Tannasg - you made me smile saying "advertise your house in The Shooting times or a light aircraft magazine". I would so dearly like to do that!!!! Turning the sarcasm up to full blast in the blurb that would accompany it... But it's the time honoured moving house tactic of not drawing attention to a problem - as selling the house is numero uno priority.

          Isn't it a crying shame when you dread getting up on a Sunday morning? Last night I was dreading getting up to hear another moto cross row. So much so that even putting things in the outside bin is a hurried event as I JUST DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!! As it is, I think it was just one trials biker ***** today with no consideration for others on a Sunday morning. It could have been a meeting though as we were indoors with music on in the middle of a move round and he was the last one.

          You are so right - what happened to consideration of others? It seems people just don't [I]care, as long as they can do what they want to do - **** you.

          The light aircraft people who plague my life are a good example, as there is no reason whatsoever to fly over my house or do their aerobatics either directly over it or in the fields at the side of me - they choose to. All around me is a valley of fields where they could fly and annoy no one, yet they choose my house - what exactly is going through their heads when they do this? Strangely when I go out and put the two fingered salute up they fly off - but they come back another day, don't even ask me what's going as I have no idea. Luckily that situation has also got better - but the moto cross idiots are now making up for that.

          I'm supposed to get the numbers of these aircraft, but try having binoculars close at hand at every minute of the day when you're doing other things. If we were staying I would make it my business to almost camp out permanently and get their numbers and video evidence and report them - but I'm trying to work at home with all this going on.

          Yeah, I've also had the "in an ideal world" phrase chucked at me too - and I know we certainly don't live in one - but that particular patronising phrase needs shoving up the **** of whoever says it. We never had an ideal world - but we certainly had a world where people (on the whole) were more considerate to others.

          People shouldn't need to be told that loud music at 2 in the morning is annoying the neighbours, they shouldn't need to be told that DIY for days on end, hours on end, all over weekends is driving people insane, they shouldn't need to be told that their roaming children causing havoc are making people's lives a misery - THEY SHOULD KNOW.

          Now how the hell did we get to a stage where people don't know or don't care?

          E Beth - would love to come on the chat room but Sunday night is when we usually have a few drinks, (well the drinking bit is Friday and Saturday too!!) watch some cr*p TV or play a computer game before work on Monday

          - are the chats on any other day of the week??



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            Hit the nail on the head there Spinky, people shouldn't be so thick to need to have the police or LA to tell them to shut the **** up in the middle of the night, but there again do they have sense to realise that the person they are annoying might come around with a baseball bat?


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              Hi everyone

              Apologies for long disappearance - cold has kept me in bed and I can't use the pc there cos the only place I can put that is over the other side of the room - and I can't move the bed over there cos it's right in the draft that runs from the front door to the back (no, draft strip won't do the job - ALL the doors need replacing 'cos the gaps are huge and all the way round the frames but the council won't do it and I can't afford to - but as the entire ground floor is a corridor - and the only access to the back garden - nothing less will do) Bristol City council are SO proud of the fact that the rents cover housing costs - but why? Because the housing is all slum, the only maintenance that gets done is external painting on the walls. Looks wonderful - while the woodworm riot in the rafters, joists, sills . . . . )

              Come to that, if they spent a little on insulation it might help the noise problems too but they don't cos they know the only way we can force them is through the courts - and no civil legal aid = no justice for the poor, which is why BCC and others can get away with doing as they like . . . they know perfectly well there is no way we can take them to court - for anything at all.

              I'd rant on but I'd only be going over ground you've already covered and you do it so much better than I can.*[/b]
              Thank you, Misty - but as for doing it better than you - well, I'm not so sure about that . . . the force and quantity of the steam has a lot to do with the heat of the fire boiling the water and besides, I was trying to drown out the panel-beaters over the road with the hammering of the keyboard and keep myself warm at the same time

              Civility nowadays seems to be viewed by a large proportion of the population as a deadly disease that they don't wish to catch.* I'm sure there was never a 'Golden Age', but there were certainly ages better than this one.[/b]

              But WHY do they regard civility like that? ('scuse the grammar!) You must be right about the disease bit - that would explain their stoning my wheelchair; having both manners AND 'tawkin posh', I must be extremely virulent! That was virulent, not violent - not yet . . . give me time . .

              Eckie, too, is right about apparent IQ levels . . . they are so thick that not only can they not see the baseball bat coming, but they just can't see that civility benefits BOTH parties; that they are passing up the chance to live in amity. There have been several attempts to organise 'community' schemes like LETS and a Credit Union, Neighbourhood Watch, but the LETS proposal was completely ignored; the Credit Union failed after about 2 months - ostensibly through 'lack of support' - I think that once they realised it didn't mean free money, that one actually had to pay into it first and then pay back anything loaned - that was when the support went lacking! Neighbourhood Watch was greeted with:" We all watch out for each other round here, we don't need anything like that!"

              Translates as:"We don't want to be turning ourselves/own kids in to the law. We don't want any part-time police around here!"

              (I know I'm right about that because the community copper we used to have - before he was set to driving a desk - was a pc fanatic and while here playing with computer innards, enlightened me as to why - and how - the locals don't want NW here. He also very discreetly put me onto just who the little ******* was who tried to break my son's nose just after we moved in - we put up a basketball hoop; bunch of kids were watching over the hedge and asked if they could come in to play, all unawares: "yes, of course", we said - then suddenly, for no reason at all, one of them suddenly turned round and headbutted my elder son (then only 12) viciously in the face, then, of course, took off for the hills. Fortunately the little **** was too short to break David's nose, but he had a nasty split lip plus the shock of being attacked like that for no reason . . .

              It seems incredible that people actually WANT to live in a state of enmity - but this lot do, obviously, because they go out of their way to be offensive in so many ways; it isn't just 'sins of omission', but of commission.

              Another mistake I made when we moved in (and before the conditions here had destroyed what useful mobility I had) was turn a wasteground covered in broken glass and rusty engines into a pleasant garden; me being the fool I am I thought it would be for people to be able to wait for their bus beside a garden full of scented shrubs, climbers and what wildlife there is left here. Reaction? Waste thrown into the garden - including used syringes and condoms, and like Aquarius, I now spend as little time out there as possible and have let the hedge grow as tall as possible which has at least made it more difficult for the brats to chuck stuff in. (Any whinges from the council and I ask them just how am I supposed to care for the garden when I have to drag everything through every groundfloor room in the house - the shed is in the back garden, and they changed plans in midstream and built over our rear access) I can't cope with ordinary housework never mind having that sort of dirt dragged into the place - we have gruesome clay soil, cold and gluey - no porch to shelter in while washing boots and tools off; nowhere to hang wet stuff once in). Since the council took our access - and refused to build a porch (which for complicated reasons has made it impossible for me to get out of the house mit with my wheelchair so I have been a prisoner for nearly 4 yrs) - they can cut the hedge as far as I'm concerned - while I raise Cain about the birds that are nesting in it; the field mice who nest in the base, ditto the slowworms (actually they live round the back but as they are protected the council can't exactly dig the hedge up to prove me wrong, can they We also have toads - no, they are nice! - lizards and various other scuttling things - all of which have made a beeline for the one garden that isn't shaved with powertools and plastered with poisons.

              The neighbours all keep pigeons instead - there is a loft in every garden, which effectively means no washing on the line - unless we want it plastered with pigeon****.

              Incidentally, people call rats dirty, but if it weren't for them, the disgusting mess that the binmen, kids and locals all drop and leave on the streets would just lie there until it rotted away, but the rats keep the pavements free of the poultry carcasses/kitchen waste etc from the bins and the half-eaten takeaways/semi-digested dinners the drunks leave behind them. Rats only carry a few diseases inimical to man (and rats don't fly over one's head, do they?) - pigeons carry over 300 - many of which are passed in their faeces and onto any washing that anyone is fool enough to hang out in the fog of particulate from the bus depot . . . so clothes can't go out, but it would be nice to be able to let rugs and things drip out in the yard instead of having to dry everything in the house.

              Has anyone had those perishing little motor scooters inflicted on them yet? Little things, like the push-along scooters we had when we were kids - but these have shrieking little lawnmower engines on them - in the summer, there was one that went endlessly round the block, hour after hour every day until the weather got too bad - but to my horror, on xmas morning, I woke up to the sound of a whole pack of them No lights, no indicators, so surely they can't be road legal (re they, does anyone know?) - I do know my wheelchair has to have a full complement of lights to take it on the road - but they ride these things on the road continually - that is, when they aren't tearing up and down the pavements, of course, one hears them screeching past - then a blare of a horn, screech of brakes - another near accident as one of them swerves out onto the major road - but any action from the police? 'Course not - they're busy playing with their chopper.

              I'd like to know (well, I do actually - remember the bit about Neighbourhood Watch? ) how unemployed parents can afford to buy their little darlings toys like that - and keep them in petrol. They may be very small engines, but at constant full revs for half a day at a time, it adds up.

              The one consolation is that they have absolutely no idea how to treat an engine - and I can hear and identify all those tell-tale noises that announce all the ills that ill-maintained and over-driven machinery is stricken with . . . . I ain't going to tell 'em how to fix them so they won't last for long with luck. It is so tempting to get the catapult out - horse chestnuts make excellent ammo; sting like hell, maybe bruise but no serious damage except possibly a bent scooter or two

              Might not be a bad idea to hunt down whoever it is who thinks up these noisy toys and them

              Spinky mentions the daft idea that someone suffering from a noise problem has nothing better to do than hang around all day with binoculars, pen and paper - yes, same here; keep a record of every occurrence, they tell you . . . answer to that one is "Supply the secretary!" I can neither write nor type that fast - and what is one supposed to do when there's a drunken row going on one side, the other side is DoingItHimself (yes, he IS a w*****! - pity he doesn't use an angle-grinder ) with a hammerdrill;

              there are two or three dogs barking; I can't tell where they are because I can't go and see; the usual parade of cars with bass-enhanced stereos (anybody else think those things used while driving are dangerous?); buses exceeding the limit and crashing over the so-called sleeping policemen et al? Most council estates are a constant cacophony . . . but I can still only write or type one line at a time! Come to think of it, that's something else that's back to front - when we were at school, didn't the offender have to write the lines? Must have changed that one when they did away with the cane, I think!

              Oh well - must say bfn - getting too stiff sitting here - must be catching old age I think.


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                Tannasg, we too used to live on a council estate on the top third floor of a block of flats. The block was probably the last good area of the estate but the 'mutants' were creeping closer just before we moved out.

                It seemed to me that the younger residents did not want to live on a decent estate, they seemingly tried to make it a slum and wanted it that way. The place could have been a lovely area to live in with open grass and trees between the houses.

                I think that the teenagers prefered to live in an area where they could feel deprived and say 'well there's nothing else to do hear but cause trouble and vandalise everything.

                The estate where we bought our house after leaving there is going down hill too so we've sold our house and are moving on. It's sad that we're on the run from 'mutants' in our society. They look like me and you but inside they are mutated, their minds do not function as most people's do, they do not live by our rules............. just a thought.


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                  Hi Eckie

                  Mutants? You call them that too! My sons call them that - among other names, but yes, I think 'easy' and 'convenient' has had a lot to do with mutating decent likeable people into a bunch of lazy good for nowts

                  who don't know a good thing when they see it - to be perfectly blunt about it!

                  Having said that, having had parents thrown out of work then promptly stigmatised as dolescroungers - in the same way that I am automatically 'putting it on' for the higher (just) benefits doesn't really help; Dad naturally grouses, the usual family rows inspired by lack of money are overheard by the kids, so it really is no wonder they grow up with a chip on their shoulder. To say nothing of not having any prospects themselves - other than humiliating servile jobs wearing silly uniforms! I have worked in all sorts of nasty jobs - but I must admit I lasted only a month as a waitress - and the only 'uniform' I had to wear was a green apron - it was the customer's attitude I didn't take to. Mind you, I resigned and was promptly rehired as a general dogsbody - ended up with the master keys, the run of the building and the use of one of the director's cars - a rather tasty 3.5l V8 Didn't even have to pay for my own petrol (something for which I was thankful the way that little beastie drank it.

                  Oh the pleasure of blowing off smart assed blokes in MG BGTs who didn't notice the little V8 symbol on the back - they used to come up alongside me - give me a very superior look and go to accelerate - I;d promptly double the clutch, heel-and-toe, down one then up and into overdrive and away I went . . . . only problem with that thing was the front end got very light at speeds of 130mph plus . . . (ONLY on deserted wide roads in excellent conditions, I promise!) - well obviously - I;m still here. It was the doctors who crippled me - not the horses, the motorbikes, the cars . . .

                  Oddly enough though, giving all that up when I had my children didn't inspire me with a desire to wreck my surroundings - despite the fact that I knew very well that poverty would prevent me getting decent babysitters, so I would have to say good bye to fun for at least 14 or15 years or whenever it was ok to leave the boys safely.

                  I wonder if the high lead levels proved to affect intelligence in embryos and children in all the estates that are built close to busy roads had anything to do with it? After all, this change in attitudes among the working class young has co-incided strangely with the increase in car use as well as the increase in unemployment and the replacement of proper apprenticeships with service jobs?


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                    Tannasg - you make so many good points, I agree with you on just about all, two in particular but I have a bottle of chilled waiting, so will come back to those.

                    Reading through your story, I was thinking, is there any possibility at all of you having a transfer to somewhere more suitable? Even if you have to go on a waiting list? I guess you must have explored every option though. Just a thought.

                    To answer a previous question the shooting is game shooting, rabbit, crows, deer - oh anything really!! Plus the odd poacher - that was meant as 'we have poachers shooting too - not that they take pot shots at the poachers!!!