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  • Hi All

    Hi people, just found this link in our local paper, really glad something like this is here, i am basically over my nightmare now but i have a few stories to tell

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    hi leajay,

    great to have you here!!

    can I ask what local paper please, just the area of the country not the town if you dont want to say, thats fine.

    I hope you get what you need here wether it is help advice or support you will get it here,

    some say we are the friendliest group on the net

    (smug look)

    please come and visit often!


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      Originally posted by E.Beth@Feb 11 2003, 5:39 PM

      some say we are the friendliest group on the net

      (smug look)
      Hi Leajay,

      Welcome to the board , good to have you here and looking forward to sharing your NFH stories with you. Glad you've no longer got an NFH problem, but you're very welcome to share what you've learnt and any advice or information to help current members living with NFH is really valuable.

      Beth - that's because we are the friendliest group on the Internet!


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        Yep i will report back because whilst my story is over my mum and dad's is'nt, maybe mine will not be over simply because i am moving at last

        ASBO updates will be appearing from time to time

        PS I found this link in the Liverpool Echo


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          Hi Leajay,

          Glad to have you aboard. Sorry to hear your mum and dad still have a problem. I'm just wondering if you saw the link on the reader's letters page

          Anyway, hope to hear your story and that of your mum and dad and hopefully we can give you some advice. We can definitely give you some moral support

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Thanks for letting us know where you found us Leajay.

            Sorry to hear about the probs your family are having


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              Hey misty, i have sympathy for you because these Lacoste louts are so childish, maybe there should be a unmarked car going round with water balloons filled with either bleach or dye to mark their expensive clothes!!

              Lets face it fashion is all they really care about. Just a suggestion on how non violent revenge could be taken out hehe


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                hey Leajay,

                Is there any chance you could please scan the article from the Echo, and send it to one of the moderators?

                It sounds quite intresting!!



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                  Well my scanner is not set up simply because of usb ports i have not got

                  But if you want i could retype what was said.


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                    You say you have not the right ports for a scanner? USB ports? You can get usb ports that plug iinto parallel ports/ditto with other ckinds of ports or you can get a card which will give you at least 2 class 2 ports

                    from which you can run 129 peripherals EACH.

                    If you would like a bit of help - no problem