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  • Hello

    I have only just found this site so now am going to have a good read, my problems are not as bad as many of you but still very annoying.

    Our neighbour sold her house to a family last year who quickly changed it into rooms for rent. We now have around 8 people, ages 25 - 30 living in a three bedroomed house, none of them work and play music constantly from 8am to 2am, the bass is constantly going through my room at night yet my parents say there is nothing much they can do.

    They had a party 2 weeks ago and the music was louder than what you would hear at a club and carried on until 4am. They have 8 cars outside so parking is now impossible and one has left his old car outside our house for the last 3 weeks. I have just finished university so am looking for a job, I can not stand being at home anymore though due to these people.

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    Welcome to you!

    there is lots your parents can do!!

    firstly you can contact the landlord and explain the situation, tell him if he doesnt act you will take it further, explain to him/her that if his tenents get fined, up to £5 grand for noise, his tenents will not be able to pay the rent

    record everything, write it all down, when what how, and how it effected you

    print logs

    you can print off logs from here

    if talking to the house owner makes no difference then contact the EHO for your area, they will ask you to write it all down, and may come ad visit your home to witness the noise and see if you are suitable for recording equipment

    noise is a dreadful thing, it can not be controlled by you and it drives you crackers!

    good luck, I know the others will be along shortly to offer advice and support, I am sure I missed something!!


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      Hi mwd500 and welcome to the Forum

      :angry: Nightmare noisy neighbours.

      Have you talked to your neighbours to explain how their behaviour is affecting you? Some kind of communication with them is the first thing that you must do. Or you could put something in writing - there is a letter template in the Resources section to start you off.

      If they don't then keep the noise/ nuisance down you must complain to the Environmental Health department.

      Please check out the Self-Help Articles as they're crammed with useful information.

      Please visit often and let us know how you're getting on. I'm sure more members will be along soon.


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        Hi MWD, and welcome to NFHiB

        Sorry to hear about the noise problems There ARE a lot of peple living there, aren't there? I wonder if ther landlord is aware, and whether he/she has let it to SO many people....probably worth a word about that, as well as the noise nuisance

        You've had some good advice already, and I haven't much else to add right now, except that logging is really important, and contacting the E.H department would be a great step for starters if communicating with neighbours directly has no impact.

        Best of luck to you and your family with this, and keep us posted



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          Hi mwd and welcome to the forum

          Sorry to hear about your NFH problems. Noise can almost literally drive you insane. It's been used as weapon before now so you must be feeling like you are living in a war zone

          I can see that others have given you some good advice so all I can offer is my sympathy Hopefully you can make the landlord understand what he has inflicted upon you

          Good luck

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Thanks everyone, the noise has got worse today, the landlord knows how many people are in there and seems to be out for as much money as possible, there is also no way of contacting him as I have only seen him there once in the last year. We had a new tenant yesterday trying to open our front door with his key because he thought our house was his. The neighbours are all very rough and have loads of friends round who look really dodgy so I dont really want to get on the wrong side of them, if I compalin to EH they will know it was us.


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              Hi mwd

              The EH department do not say who has made the complaint - although the person you're complaining about may guess that it is you . But if other people are experiencing the noise nuisance then the complaint could be from any one of you.


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                Hi. Contact your fire officer. He/she will love to know how many people are in that house.

                Also planning and the local council department that deals with controlling private landlords.


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                  Hi mwd

                  Welcome to the forum

                  Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your neighbours. It doesn't matter how small you think the problem may be, if it is causing a nuisance to you, then it needs to be sorted.

                  There is not really much that I can add, but if the car outside your house has no tax and is parked on a public road, you can contact the local council and tell them that it has been dumped. They will then have it removed.

                  Good Luck