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  • Robuk

    Originally posted by Homer@Aug 25 2003, 1:00 AM

    Hello again Saint

    We chose not to respond with any naughty stuff with our former nfh.* We ended up moving house, so I'm not going to critisize you for fighting him as you do with air horns/ rifles.* In fact I like to hear of a spirited fighting-back.* Just watch your family doesn't get caught up in any exchanges of attrition.
    I'm new to this, and I've read a couple of posts............. can't believe that quite a few people have had to move to get away from their NFH.......

    Just shows what a really sat state this country has got into over the past few years.....

    Life's a Beach, and then you lie on one, If your lucky............

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    Welcome to the Forum Robuk - come and post/ask for help when you're ready



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      Hi Robuk and welcome to the Forum

      I agree, it is bad that people have to move away from living with nuisance neighbours, but sometimes you just have no other option.

      I hope that in the not too distant future legislation around nuisance issues will be tightened up, so that sufferers have more recourse to positive results by following legal avenues. I know it's sadly some time away though .


      Welcome again and look forward to hearing from you again.


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        Hi Robuk and welcome

        I have managed to live through my NFH situation, but am always weary of it happening again



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          Hi Robuk

          Good to have you on the when you are ready



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            It wasnt the dope dealing, or the noise, or the screaming in the middle of the night (my downstairs neighbour on his one zillioneth bad trip! ) that made me decide to move.

            What did it for me was when two of his friends had taken some rather dangerous hallucinagenic drugs and decided that it was November 5th (it wasn't even close to November 5th, by the way!) and that one of the blocks of flats was a bonfire and that the other block of flats was a pile of fireworks.

            Luckily someone noticed what they were doing. The fire service sorted the fires out before they really took hold, the police and the ambulance serivce took away our brave and fearless pyromaniacs.

            My partner decided I would move in with her and her mum. Thank God I had somwhere to go quickly.


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              Not at all surprised, Neighboured, that you felt a distinct urge to move

              Sounds very scary indeed


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                After I left the flats became worse and worse. We know people who live there and spoke to them about it,

                My partner met the noisy, drug and booze glugging person who lived downstairs from me. He told her: "I am gonig to have to move. The council have moved a lot of dangerous, scary people into the flats and I want out!"

                Now, she knew exactly how troublesome Mr X had been to his neighbours. She said to me, later: "My God! If HE has noticed how bad things are, then it must be worse than hell living there!"