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  • Hello

    Just to say hello. This site is very useful indeed. Having some problems with unruly neighbours but nothing as bad as some of you. Car repairs in the road - up to 5 old bangers at a time (I suspect it might be a business) - the council is looking into that. Very loud music, very bad language etc - their landlords ( a housing association type set up) are looking into that - one of them getting arrested late at night amid much swearing and shouting - three times I think.

    At the moment, I feel like various authorities are taking me seriously so I'm hopeful. I will let you know how things go/or ask for help depending on outcomes. It's good to know you're there.

    As this is my first post, apologies in advance if I've not done it properly

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    Hi Eskander, and welcome to NFHiB

    Glad you found the site, and also that, at the moment you feel as if your problems are being listened to by the authorities. Please try to keep a log of everything that happens, and if you have made complaints to the H.A, it may be worth confirming your complaints in detail in writing!

    Do check out the self-help articles , if you haven't already

    Best of luck, in getting the problems resolved, and I'm sure you will receive support and help here

    Please let us know how things are going



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      Hi Eskander and welcome

      You've come to the right place

      You will get lots of advice and support here, I know



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        Welcome Eskander to NFHiB!

        Seems you have lots of things in the process of happening at the moment, both with your NFH and the different processes you're going through to hopefully deal with it.

        Thanks for saying hello - come update us when you like, be good to hear your progress. If you need any help/info or just want to vent about NFH, feel free to do so!

        Like Sapph said, check the articles too, could be helpful to you.



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          :nfh1: Hello! I can safely say, as one who has a neighbour from hell, that you will get a very warm welcome here and lots of support.

          No matter how petty you think your problem is, if you're the person having to suffer a NFH, then you should feel free to rant and rave about it - this is the best place for that!

          I hope peace returns to your life soon!

          Best wishes. :ban:


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            Hi Eskander and welcome

            I'm sure you'll find this a very useful site, members have lots of advice to share and lots of sympathy and support to give

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Glad you are here, though sorry you had to find us, if you see what I mean! And your post was lovely, it really was. So don't worry!