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    Hello Everybody,

    I've been reading this site for some time now and have plucked up the courage to register. Having read many of your postings and tales of horror about nasty neighbours, my thoughts are with you - I can completely empathise with many of the scenarios detailed.

    I have experienced NFH since 27th March 2003 - not that long, by many of your standards, I know, but the suffering continues and I am sad to say that both my (and my husband's) mental health has certainly taken a nose dive since this fateful day. I know this site is dedicated to Britain - but in fact, the problems I am having are actually in France, where I now live. I hope this is allowed! I certainly feel better expressing myself in English, my mother tongue and I have not found any French sites which are as good as this one. Here is my story and thank you for listening.

    After spending several years toiling in London, my husband (who's French) and I decided to move back to his homeland. I have never lived in France before and the pay off for giving up my career in London would be to pefect my French language skills and start a new life abroad. We found a nice appartement in our adopted city - on each occasion we visited, prior to the sale going through, all appeared well:a quiet flat situated in reasonably calm area, close to local ammenities. Certainly, the flat would need some work, but as our first purchase, we were excited about moving in.

    After spening a couple of months in rented accommodation, the sale finally went through. Wow, home owners at last! No more hassle with landlords hiking up the rent year upon year and the freedom to carry out unlimited home improvements. Little did we know of the impending woe. We spent the first night in our new flat crashed out on the floor - like being students again, as we were waiting for our new bed to be delivered within the next few weeks. We didn't need to set our alarm clock to ensure my husband got up for work - BOUUUM - heavy bass blasting into our eardrums at 06:30. OH MY GOD - WHAT THE........

    Well, at least my husband wasn't late for work. Try and be positive. But after the music stopped around 07:30, we were feeling kind of anxious. Who would do such a thing so early in the morning? How inconsiderate, to say the least......hope it doesn't happen again.

    We hoped in vain. For the last five months our NFH (the drug taking, hot headed, looney couple who live in the flat below us) have given us a real Bienvenue - in short, they have a home cinema sound system and a special bass box which they blast out at all hours, day and night. Menacing rave music and torturous, reggae beats in a never-ending soundtrack. Then there are the friends who call at all hours. The midnight BBQ's underneath our bedroom window. The stomping up and down and the slamming of doors as the guy on the moped bangs on their door ready to make a new delivery. The stench of skunk weed lingers in the corridor......horrid.

    So we tried to talk to them. Politely asked if they could keep the noise down. Explained to them that we needed some quiet time and their almost constant noise was really stopping us enjoying our flat and preventing us from sleeping. Unfortunately this met with little response. We finally resorted to calling their landlord - who kindly offered to be the mediator in the hope that we could all sit around the table and iron out our differences. But finally the neighbours (we call them the Bessies - don't ask!) decided they didn't want to speak to us - infact they were very angry we had called their landlord and that was that. There were improvements for about three weeks after this, then the noise started up again. You can imagine that their two weeks holiday was complete bliss for us. Now they are back again and it is more of the same.

    We had called the police several times in the past, but on each occasion they never turned up. We were advised to register, in person, our complaint with the police who may then perhaps take us more seriously. So Saturday last, when their music kicked off at 22:00, we called the police, thinking that perhaps they may not come. They did - all three of them, at 22:30. The Bessies stopped their music, but continued to talk loudly in their garden - but at least our earpugs cut out most of the noise. Sunday morning, an almighty thudding came on our bedroom floor - their retaliation - fortunately we were wide awake and up at this time so did not get their intended shock.

    Today Mr Bessie shouted at us as we left our flat - 'so it was you who called the police - you should have spoken to us first - you are doing things in the wrong order!'. Today we wrote a letter to the Bessies and the Landlord - an ultimatum that if the noise continues, we are requesting the landlord to terminate their contract (a possibility with French law). Fortunately we have enlisted the support of two other neighbours who live opposite the Bessies on the ground floor, who, like us, have had enough of the noise. We are hoping that the landlord will take heed from four individuals who are sick and tired of his noisy, anti-social tennants. As the landlord is actually good friends with Mr Bessie' Dad, he is fearful of loosing a friendship if he serves his tennants notice. It all gets very messy.

    So there you have it. I am a nervous wreck at the moment - so much for a new life abroad. Having lived in flats for the last ten years of my life, never have I encountered such nasty neighbours. I have certainly been very lucky to date and right now look back on my stressful life in London with rose tinted spectacles!.

    Tomorrow the Bessies should receive the letter - recorded delivery - provided they can drag themselves out of bed. I know there will be reprise attacks and am fearful of what they may try and do to our property when we are out.

    Aside from trying to take practical measures to stop them making the noise and forcing them to respect their neighbours, I am becoming very interested in buying some 'hot foot dust' - invoking the spirits to send them on their way. Yes, I know I sound mad, but desperate times calll for desperate measures. If anyone out there is a good spell castor - please get on touch.

    Thanks again for listening. I've go on a bit but feel better for getting it off my chest. I hope I can offer moral support and good wishes to all of you out there who are suffering from NFH. May the force be with you. I will keep you posted.

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    I just wanted to say hi çasuffit! You are very welcome on the forum and glad you have joined us

    We will endeavour to help you as much as possible, the problem of NFH is indeed truly an international one and quite often the NFH similarities, the traits, the behaviour are all so sadly similar.

    I apologise for the rushed reply as I'm not on for long at the moment, but just wanted to quickly say salut!

    Other members will be along to give you some more opinions and info soon - and I will re-visit your topic later on when I can do it justice



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      Hi casuffit and welcome

      Well, noise nuisance isn't limited to Britain . We have other members from all over the place who have posted about their problem neighbours. It's all very sad that some people are just so arrogant and inconsiderate.

      I don't know what advice I can give, as you will probably have far more knowledge of the french laws on nuisance/noise/ anti-social behaviour.

      All I can offer is: use your ear plugs when necessary; make sure you write everything down (so you can keep the landlord informed of every incident of nuisance); and keep on with the other neighbours - if they're willing to complain too, I hope you have a better chance of the landlord taking action to evict the tenants.

      Seems like you can't get peace anywhere these days. :sad:



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        Hi Casuffit and Bienvenue!!

        I hope that if, little else, you can get moral support here! Haven't a clue about French law!

        Is it possible to record the noise? Is there an equivalent to our Environmental Health department to do with noise pollution? If they can take action, there may be a financial penalty/seizing of equipment and surely it would help the case to get the contract terminated? All shots in the dark, I'm afraid

        Bonne chance



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          Hi Casuffit and welcome to the forum

          Sorry to hear about your NFH It's good to hear that other neighbours are backing up your complaints.

          Sorry I don't know any anti-NFH spells, but don't think I've not thought about finding some It's amazing the depths of desperation you get to when you've got NFH

          Good luck, hope things work out

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi