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    What a relief to find this forum

    I found this site via a reply in newsgroups, I live in London in a housing association flat with my wife and two daughters and have endured being driven to and through hell and back on a regular basis as a result of more than one neighbour.

    I am currently composing a file of events and have over about four years had to continuously contact the housing association office and management, police, social services (I am disabled through ill health), CAB,. I have been made ill by these NFH people and ended up collapsing and being rushed by ambulance with a suspected stroke with a petite mal seizure being triggered off and I don't even suffer with epilepsy This was a few days ago. After the NFH stopped my wife and daughter as she approached our home entrance and started to verbally have ago. Of course upon the HA advice I called the police.

    If I had to describe the history of events going back over these years it would take pages.When I get to grips with using this forum I shall give an account of the situation and hopefully you guys can advise.

    I am a winner and I guess so many who use these forums fall into the same category. I have heard it said that knowledge is power. I have learnt that the sort of people who are causing these problems tend to be of the lower intellect group and are unable to compete with the likes of us who can communicate fairly well both verbally and in the written form. It makes me laugh because these people don't even have computers let alone know how to use one!LOL I have every intention of continuing to fight these people and to win against them even though it is likely I shall be moved within the near future by the HA.

    Rarely have I been driven to despair so much by anything before and have considered doing some pretty horendous actions in return.The biggest problem I have is trying not to flip and dealing with it in a serious ilegal fashion. I have found it difficult to find people gathered together who can offer advice.

    Alas now

    Perhaps I have found them!!


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    welcome chaser

    I am glad you found us, but also sorry you had to find us

    when ever you are ready to tell us a little more please do, you will get loads of advice and moral support here from members who have gone through the NFH sarga!

    glad you are keeping notes and things, you need to keep at these offical types, dont let them ever forget you are there!!

    good luck


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      Hi chaser

      And welcome!! As you say, it's a shame people NEED to find us....but, useful, I think in terms of support/advice...and sometimes a laugh!

      I'm sure that you will find support here, and also have strategies that have paid off for you that could help others




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        Hi chaser and welcome to the forum

        Even your brief outline shows us you are enduring a horrendous situation

        As soon as you feel able, please tell us more. In the meantime, good luck and best wishes for a fast solution to your problems

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hi and welcome to the forum

          You are no longer alone, we are all friends here and will give as much advice as we can



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            Hi chaser and welcome to the Forum

            Sorry to hear that you're suffering with nfh.

            Please post your story when you're ready.


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              Welcome SC

              Come post the details when you'd like to, to post an NFH story often is as draining as living it!



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                Welcome to the board Chaser

                You have come to the right place for good advice, and good friends who will listen