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  • A Little About Me

    hi this is just a short note about me i am 36 in the greater manchester area i used to like sitting in my garden nude hence my nickname .i was able to do this as i am not over looked so no problems there but now as this trouble as come up i am to afraid to injoy the weather as you would no genuine naturist as my self do not wish to alarm anyone but with thease kids it only takes one to jump over my wall and see me and make alligations to me and make things 10 times as worse i hope this dose not shock any one iam not saying this to afend anyone just its something they have taken from me

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    thanks NR!!

    I get the naked bit, ummm dont think I want to know about where the rat bit came from!! :lol: :blush:

    Thanks for being so honest with us all, and hope you havent got any sunburned bits over the last two weeks!! :ill: :doctor:


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      ok in my youth i used to breed rats and this was done in a place that no one minded infact there were cockcroaches in the flats this was due to the fact that it was opposit a brewary and my rats dealt with them.and i was able to sell them on to my neighbours i now you are prob say uck but i was just 18 and it was my first real place i called home i would not dream of going to live in a place like that now i have matured a great deal since i used to allso ride moterbikes hope this clears up a few things and please i am a realy nice person i now thats blowing my own trumpet but its true


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        OIC!!! :lol:

        theres me thinking there must be a connection between being naked and rats!!

        I will wash my mind out with soapy water!! :blush: :lol:


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          Welcome Naked Rat

          Good to have you here (dressed or not is fine, we can't see you! )

          A warm welcome though seriously, and you'll find the forum really great, supportive and has lots of information!