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  • Hello


    I have just been given this site addy by a fellow NFH suferer...

    Looks good here Well Done... :ban:

    I had 2yrs of hell which I will share another time but at the moment I just have a different Noisy Neighbour who is small time compared to some of them others have to live with... :banghead:

    I will be back

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    Hi CJ2(member 500!) and welcome. Glad you have found the site...word of mouth is a great thing

    I'm sure that when you feel ready to share your story, you will get plenty good advice and support here!




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      Hi and welcome CJ2!

      Glad you found us ok, post when you can. Doesn't matter how small you may think your problem is to others, remever it's all relative - problem for you, then it's a problem

      Look forward to reading your posts.



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        welcome CJ2!

        sorry you have had to join us

        as we always say "if you find neighbours a problem then they are a problem!

        look forward to hearing your tale


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          Hello CJ2

          Welcome to the forum, I know that you will get some really good advice here



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            Hi again :cheers:

            Thanks for your welcome ... I really do appreciate it ...

            I am having trouble with a neighbours son who is 36 going on 16 and plays loud music early in the morning and on Sundays when I want to sit in my garden & enjoy the birds singing ...

            He also smokes weed in the garden which wafts over to me & makes me feel high as I am hypersensitive to all smells etc.

            See told you mine is nothing compared to what the rest of you have to put up with... :banghead:

            I have had my disabled persons parking bay vandalised and sticky goo poured all over it and the same people started a nasty petition to try to get me moved by telling lies about me ..when I asked some of the people who signed it why they did the said "we would rather go against you than him cos we know you will be OK about it but we dont know what he will do if we dont do as he says"

            also said "I felt intimidated by him"

            I found that upsetting but understand how they feel ...

            I have managed to get on speaking terms with the NFH again as I used to light candles for him and ask that he be shown the error of his ways and be turned around ... well hes now a born again christian so even though he never apologised or anything he did answer when I spoke to him and is not too bad any more so maybe others could try that too...

            He made me feel suisidal for a while & I wanted to move but I decided I would stand my ground as I believe you have to stand up to bullies ... :angry:

            If you are suffering now just remember you can come through it and with the nice people here it will be better ... I wish I knew about this forum when my troubles were really bad ... :nfh1:

            I will come here when the noise gets to me from Peter Pan next door... :banghead:

            Thank you all again for being here on this forum... :ban:


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              Hi CJ2 and welcome

              I'd hardly say your problems were small. I thought a born again Christian was supposed to confront his/her past behaviour? Your NFH must still be in the birth canal

              Hope he keeps the noise down and you get some peace

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Hi CJ2 and welcome to the Forum

                Sorry my welcome is a bit delayed.


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                  Sorry you had to come here, but welcome! :cheers: