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  • Neighbours From Hell Programme

    I saw an epiosde of Neighbours from hell a few months back and saw that a Black woman who was at the time studying law , was having problems with her neighbours.

    Im in a similar situation myself , with being the only black woman within my area and been on the recieving end of a lot of their anger. The Council fail to take my complaints seriously and accused me of being negative .

    I would love to get in touch with this woman , maybe we can share experiences etc.. so if u are out there , i would love to hear from you .

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    welcome chantel

    sorry to hear you are having problems, I saw that programme and she really seemed targeted, I would hate to think you are going through the same sort of problem

    please post your story in whats your story, you will get loads of support from the members here and hopefully some good advice too.

    we have all sorts of people here too, from different social and racial backgrounds, thats the thing about the internet, you just never know whos giving the advice!

    it just doesnt matter here, as long as we can help!! :ban:


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      Welcome to the Forum Chantel

      I'm sorry to hear you may be on the receiving end of racially orientated behaviour and negative treatment which is based on your culture - it's simply not on either from your neighbours or the Local Authority not to take you seriously, you are just as entitled to their services as any member of your community is.

      Looking forward to reading a bit more about your situation in NFH: What's Your Story - you'll find excellent support and help here



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        Hi Chantel and welcome

        I think I know the programme you are referring to and to be fair I think it was six of one, half a dozen of the other. I got the feeling that she was trying to 'better' herself and the other neighbours saw her as a snob. It seems they were friends beforehand so I don't think race was an issue.

        However, having said that I think that if you are receiving abuse because of your race you should have strong words with your council. I believe they have an obligation to investigate under the terms of the Race Relations Act 1976 as amended by the Race Relations (amendment) Act 2000. There is a website: If you are being racially abused you should inform your local police, they take such things very seriously.

        Good luck, hope things get better for you.

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Thanks Misty - that's an excellent point

          We have a snippet about the RRA '76 within our Harassment Self Help article here:


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            Hi Chantel

            Welcome to the Forum

            I watched that programme too, sorry can't help you in how to find the woman in question, but if you post your story here, hopefully we can all offer you some useful support and advice.


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              Hi Chantel

              As well as the link already given by Misty, your local authority should also have it's OWN racial equality department, which should address race inequality issues arising from/not dealt with by any of their departments, and should have a good handle on your Council's own policies and procedures....ask for their number on your Council switchboard. Have a chat with them, to see if they can help take these issues up with the Council.