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    hi all!

    hope you are all coping with the strains of NFH

    I just wanted to remind every one that although members have their own bits of legal knowledge, from their own experiences, we are not legal professionals.

    the information members share here, is to try and help in different situations but can not be taken as fact in all circumstances.

    at the end of the day we are not qualified legally and any knowledge gained here is to give you an insight into what a paid lawyer might say to you.

    Also different areas have different policies which may not work in some regions but will in others.

    so please remember we are just trying to help and all information needs to be checked with your own legal professional before you take action, we do not want any one to act rashly believing that they have all the answers, I wish we did!!

    so, if it's not written in stone.....get it checked out!!!

    good luck with your battles!!