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    hello all, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. please move the post if its better placed elsewhere on the site. if anyone can tell me what they would do in my situation I'd be very grateful for your input. Basically I moved into a housing association property 6 months ago and since day one I have had problems with my neighbours noise and stalker like behaviour.

    The property is a semi detached house converted into two flats. I'm upstairs and my neighbour is downstairs. There is a communal door at the front for everyones use, and my neighbour can access their flat via a private back door. 2 foot inside the communal door is a door leading into the neighbours flat. I have to pass this and head upstairs. The neighbours front window overlooks the communal door so they see me come and go. They also have a window that overlooks the front garden. The front garden is for my use, but clearly my neighbour doesn't want me to use it. Every single time I go into the garden they will stare at me out of the window or over the side gate. Even if they can clearly be heard at the front of their flat, they appear the moment they see me go in the garden.

    There is also a lot of 3am noise. Unfortunately I popped my head out of my door upstairs and said give it a rest. I say unfortunately because my neighbour heard me and saw red. He flew up the stairs screaming and shouting. I managed to slam the door shut, but he continued to scream and shout. He then began to bang on the door. I called the housing association and they recorded hi hammering the door on their telephone system. I also managed to press record on my laptops webcam. I asked my neighbour to leave and told him I was on the phone and recording the incident. This made no difference because my neighbour shouted open that f'ing door and gave it a hard whack. He then left and I called the police. The police said they would attend within the hour but that didn't happen.

    I'm now staying at a friends house. I can't go back to my flat despite the police and housing association telling me to. I'm sure when I open the communal door there is a chance my neighbour will bop me on the nose. Instead of kicking my door in he would have kicked me the other day if he had half a chance. There wouldn't be any witnesses either. The property is semi detached and nobody would see or hear a thing once the communal door is shut. Even if they could I doubt it would prevent this nut from doing whatever he wanted to do. I mean he was told I was recording and on the phone, but still kicked and screamed.

    If I did go back to my flat I think my neighbour will be so worked up about not being able to get the door open and his hands on me, that he will lose it again. I doubt I'd have time to dial 999 if he decided to attack me the moment I walk in. And due to this I can't go back. Therefore I'm asking how would the good people here deal with this problem. Would you go back and risk a punch. Would you insist the police escort you into the property and then stay locked inside...or would you stay away until the neighbour is dealt with/kicked out.

    It seems that everyone except me wants another incident to take place. Any tips on staying safe or advice on dealing with a potentially violent neighbour would be appreciated.