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    This thread will be 'stickied' and all can post their useful recovery related links here.

    I'll start with these: - PTSD

    Anxiety UK

    OCD - UK

    No Panic

    Feel free to post your own!

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    Fantastic idea! Those of us who have come out the other side of having a NFH know that it can still have lasting knock on effects sometimes. Feel free to post your story on how you recovered after your ordeal was over. Or, are you still recovering? What after effects have you noticed?
    For me, I am definitely more noise intolerant!
    Please don't post here - start a new thread. Thank you

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    Edmund Burke

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      What a wonderful idea, and what a great idea this forum is. Just a great pity that so many seem to view posts without commenting or offering a little support.

      A forum can only be as good as the effort its members put into it!

      I hope this forum picks up again, as there's certainly a need for forums like this... ;-)