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  • At my wits end!

    Any advice appreciated! Long post ahead but please read, I need all the help I can get!

    I'm at my wits end. I jumped through more than a few hoops to get my first mortgage, buying my first house in November 2016 and moving in soon after.
    I live in a lovely little town in the country but since moving in I've been suffering at the hands of my party animal of a downstairs neighbour.

    He's 20 and is the definition of lad culture. He hosts a party EVERY Friday and Saturday night, there's not been one quiet weekend since I moved in. He and his mates all pile in after they get back from the clubs around 2 or 3am and that's when the music starts. Loud continuous bass until 8 or 9am. His pals are the worst, they stumble about the close at all hours, smoke in the close, litter, spit and shout.

    This morning I opened my front door to be confronted with liquid vomit on the top step of the landing. His mates have no business being on the stairs, as my neighbours house is on the ground floor and my other neighbour and I live above him. (I actually occupy the entire 3rd floor, so he's two floors below me which shows you how loud it gets!)

    one Friday a couple of weeks ago I got the courage to knock on his door to ask him to turn it down as the bass had gotten so loud things on my desk started rattling. It took four (loud) attempts to get someone to answer the door. He finally did but was so drunk he was swaying about. He had the cheek to say "you've got to understand - the weekends are all I get!"
    I work every weekend and am up early every Saturday and Sunday so need all the hours of sleep I can get.

    A little while ago i spoke with my other neighbour, who is lovely, to ask how she felt about the noise but she said she isn't affected by the noise (she lives on the other side of the building with no-one beneath her) all she hears is the security door banging shut every now and then. I envy her!! She seems to get on quite well with him and says I should just talk to him.

    I'm a 26 year old female who suffers bad anxiety, how cliché - I know! And have taken to sleeping on my couch Friday and Saturday nights to try and block out the noise. The idea of speaking to him terrifies me so I want to put a note through his door. I want to keep it civil as I don't want this problem to escalate.
    I know we shouldn't judge books by their cover but he seems the spiteful type that would easily take offence and make the problem worse.

    I'm currently in the process of seeing someone about my anxiety, so this will most certainly be getting discussed as soon as my sessions are all set up.
    I've tried earplugs, music, relaxation techniques, white hasn't helped. Even sleeping in my living room doesn't stop the noise getting through.

    some say I should be grateful it's only Friday and Saturday but I'm so anxious and sad knowing what I'm coming home to those nights and spend my weeks absolutely dreading the weekend.
    he's made me sorry I ever bought this place.

    I'm scared to say anything to him and scared to escalate this in case he makes it worse. Please help!
    Sorry for the long post. Thank you in advance!